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The problem is with Airbnb bonus system


I invited my friend Evhenii to Airbnb. And he booked a trip on Airbnb (it cost around $600). I received a message from Airbnb that I will receive $550 if Evhenii takes his first trip. Evheniii took his trip. And now I received the bonus for that -but just $21. It seems to me that Airbnb fooled me.


Sounds like you need to take this up with Airbnb.


I know. I have sent a mail to support. But didn’t receive an answer. I hope they will answer soon.


Mail will get lost. Use social media to contact them, or call Customer Service.


that is a nice idea) thank you for suggestion


I find CS manage to hide behind the email system, prevaricate and give you BS. I either phone or use twitter.


I’ve never seen such a bonus advertised. Here in the US my friend gets $40 travel credit and I get $20 when they complete the trip.


It sounded weird to me too. But i have a letter from Airbnb with 550$ as a bonus (unfortunately i Airbnb forum doesn’t have possibility to upload an image). And it seems to me like it is a mistake. But what about the company reputation?( why they use such an adv?)


They aren’t too concerned. There is a story every day about a party or wrecked Airbnb house and they are still in business. They can safely ignore your request.


they have already answered that need time to solve this problem. So i will wait for answer


Was it a recent message? They seem to change up their incentives quite frequently, presumably based on supply and demand in the area targeted.


The bonus to refer new hosts (not guests) is quite high in my area - currently $360. Perhaps this is the confusion.


Is $399 here at the moment

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