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The new options for House Rules. ? about smoking

Logged on and it brought me to a page that gives the following options, you set with a toggle to yes or no, such as:
Child Friendly (2-12 years)
Infant Friendly (under 2 years)
Suitable for pets.
Smoking allowed.

So, I don’t allow guests to smoke in the home, but I do let them smoke outside…so do I toggle to yes or no?

NO… Discuss outside smoking in your listing… Otherwise they will bring their Marlboros and have the time of their lives puffing inside your house!!!


Thanks @konacoconutz!

Toggle it no, then in your house rules put something like ‘no smoking in the apartment but you are free to smoke in the outdoor areas’.

It’s a good idea to add something like a terracotta plantpot outside filled with sand for guests to use as an ashtray. It takes only seconds to clean the butts out using a slotted spoon.

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Good idea @jaquo! I don’t think I’ve ever had a guest so far that has been a smoker.

@brook2adks - I’ve had quite a few but no-one has ever smoked inside the apartment. There are two chairs and a table just a few steps from their door on a breezy patio with a great view (and plantpot ashtray!) which is a much nicer place to sit and smoke anyway :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t allow smoking on the property, not inside and not outside.

Smoking outside then coming inside after still brings hundreds of toxins inside the house.

Plus, plenty of smokers ignore the rule and smoke outside an open window, on the patio with an open door, or straight up inside, if it’s raining, cold, snowing, etc.

If you allow smokers- even outside, please include a note saying your property allows outside smoking in the listing. Plenty of guests don’t want to- or are allergic to- houses even that allow outside smoking.

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I added a charge of someone doesn’t observe the no smoking rule. Usually people are good when it hits the pocketbook.

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My husband and I defend tobaccoholics. We believe that we should accept people as they are and as ex smokers honor the fact that those who wish to smoke in our home do so. As a matter of fact we have a sign saying “Smokers Welcome.” We have only had three smokers in all the years we have been with Airbnb and it has not affected our apartment in the slightest. We are against those who want to set standards that tobaccoholics cannot comfortably uphold. We want everyone to feel comfortable in our home.

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If you have only had 3 smokers in all your hosting years, then the smell is probably not a problem. I don’t mind them smoking outside (cigarettes or marijauna), but the smell of smoke can linger for a long time. In my past long time career as a Realtor, the houses where someone smoked inside on a daily basis were smelly and unappealing. As a former smoker, I respect peoples need to smoke, but I prefer smoke free. Also, outside smoke tends to drift over to my neighbors, and that is just not nice of me.

This apartment is not an enclosed tiny space. It is airy and cigarette smell does not linger neither inside nor outside the apartment. If someone is going to make up a story that my apartment and/or the area surrounding it smells because of 6 cigarettes smoked in the last 13 years then I don’t want that person as a guest because he is a liar.

I allow smoking in the rules, but specify that this is restricted to the balcony - they need to ‘sign’ the rules so I know they read it; Not had a problem yet!

That’s very honorable but cigarette smells linger and you can find cigarette burns in the house. My insurance company, actually, insisted that I install a fire detector in each bedroom if I allow smoking in my house.

Smokers are accustomed to stepping outside to light up. You’re not insulting anybody. In fact you’re showing respect to the non smokers.

I think that you’d get more booking requests with no smoking allowed.

I’m an ex smoker and not discriminating against it. I just don’t want the smells in my house.

I do allow smoking outside, but they have to go all the way to the end of driveway

What happened to the client who is respected, who is always right? Who are you to slap down the 10 commandments.
You want to rent your space? Then accept your client as is. Who are you to incarcerate him with all your prohibitions?

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