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The New Community Rules, service dogs and my dog

OK, so I am all about inclusivity and state on my profile that I am open to all people from all walks of life. But, I have a problem with the disability part. My house is a tiny fishermans cottage, with narrow winding stairs and very low ceilings in the attic room. There are also steps to get into the house from the street. It is not at all suitable for people with wheelchairs, and if I am staying there at the time, I will have my dog with me, and she does not play well with other dogs at all, in any way shape or form. I do state on the listing the potential mobility problems, but I simply cannot have someone come and stay and bring a dog if I am there. It’s fine when its rented as an entire house, I have it listed as pet friendly. But when I am just renting the rooms, and I am there, I will have a major problem.


Agree with K9 this wording would keep someone with a dog from booking.

I’d say something like – “As much as I want to welcome everyone, this fisherman’s cottage simply is NOT suitable for someone in a wheelchair because of narrow hallways and stairs to the bedroom.”

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