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The Mum then the Boyfriend

Hi Guys I’m interested to learn how fellow hosts might handle this situation.

A young traveller booked my room and during the messages and prior to booking she mentioned that her Mum, might come along too but was unable to confirm the exact dates, so my guest could not realistically book for 2 people during her entire stay.

I suggested that when she know when Mum is arriving let me know and I’ll charge the additional second person fee.

Happy with this my guest arrived without Mum saying she’s on her way and will stay 2 nights. Then the bombshell (for me) My guest then says she was talking with her boyfriend who was supprised to learn she was visiting London with her Mum.

Guest implies after she chats with her boyriend he’s likely to want to visit the remaining days.

I politely said this was not an option. Guests do push the envelope don’t they?

I;m curious to learn how others would handle this situation would you say hey no problem the boyfriend can stay too or as I’ve done closed the possibility.


If your max is 2 no.

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You handled it perfectly!

I think it’s rather cheeky.

If you want to say no, then say no.

If you are happy for him to say, then charge for the extra person, but let her know that she must tell you in advance of her stay

Then on the first night of her stay you can sit down with her and ensure she clicks to accept the extra charge for her mother and boyfriend.

It all worked out fine, I think my imagianation and mood at the time influenced how I was feeling about the situation.

Her Mum left was very nice and I allowed the boyfirend to stay it was bonfire night in London and a lovely evening for the couple to be together, the additional fee was paid, I didnt even see him.

Thanks to all

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