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Hi everyone,

We are not currently Airbnbing as we’ve sold our house. There’s been a gap of 2-3 years since we last did Airbnb and while I am looking for properties I have in the back of my mind the Airbnb option.
I was recently told that mortgage companies are not keen on lending to people who plan to do Airbnb - is this correct, and if so can you recommend a lender. If we did it, it would still be our main residence rather than a holiday let so I don’t know if that makes a difference.
Some sage advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Not entirely correct, on the basis it is for a family home, not a standalone STR property.

What mortgage companies mainly don’t like is potential STR income being used as part of a borrowers income declaration, with many simply not acknowledging it. That said, it’d be worthwhile having a good read of the T&C’s of any potential provider, just in case they do mention STR or have restrictions on the number of nights you can rent out a room (I’ve heard some restrict it to 90days).

A BTL mortgage will also come with conditions, one of the most common being length of tenancy. We’ve got one on a UK property that stipulates a minimum of three months.

This is a UK focused article:


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Thank you this was really helpful. A lot seems to have changed since we last did it, including the point at which you declare earnings.

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