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The "HomeAway Premier Partner Pledge"


Are there any HomeAway/VRBO hosts here who have been “selected” and asked to take the HomeAway Premier Partner Pledge? I thought it was a come-on to pay for more exposure, but the fine print says “the program is performance based and comes at no additional cost to you” but hosts who take the “pledge” are featured in results. The catch, as far as I can tell, is that you have to pledge to take only HomeAway payments at checkout.

@cabinhost, you keep your ear to the HomeAway world - have you heard of this?


Well I would starve if I only depended on homeaway!
I had a calendar issue that I needed help with and the so called help desk hung up on me 5 times last Friday night. When I tried again on Saturday morning and got thru - no explanation or apology.


No, it is not asking that you only use HomeAway - it is asking that you only use HomeAway Payments to process payments for HomeAway bookings. No PayPal, check, etc.


Just got the email today, allows you to get guest email pre booking, also see reviews they left and left by hosts for them.


Ah! Yes, that could be good. The wording of all the pledge points has given me pause, but I think that HomeAway’s big win is that you “pledge” to only use HomeAway Payments.


Yeah, because it is huge help if you want to book direct.


We are part of that… Haven’t seen an increase in bookings from VRBO/HomeAway. Instead, I get an annoying case manager who calls me to tell me how to run my business.

But some benefits include uploading I think, 50 pictures? Who needs that anyway… I’ve got about 40 pictures on each property and that’s all I could muster.

What’s really annoying is their guidelines on video tours. You can’t have anything but the property in it. No names, logos, or anything like that. I just told them, I won’t be posting my high def video on their site then, until they change their policies.

But yea, I have not seen any benefits from the service, which is unfortunate. They are struggling in their competition with ABB. I also cancelled their subscription service, and just pay per booking, that’s how bad it is for them.


You also pledge to keep all bookings on the platform [that originated on the platform, even though they don’t use those words in the pledge]. They are giving you the guest information but you are, in return, agreeing to keep the guests on the platform and not try to circumvent the service fee.

It’s a little odd because the agreement to keep the bookings on the platform is part of the TOS, so you should not need to have to pledge it again.


@PitonView Exactly. Did you take the pledge?


I wonder if this is in response to all the complaining by veteran VRBO hosts. People on the VRBO board went crazy when they made the change to not allow contact info prebooking. VRBO used to be more of an advertising site, where you would make the actual booking off platform. Trying to change that around appears to have upset a lot of their clients.


@CatskillsGrrl -
Yes, I took the pledge. There’s nothing in it that I am not doing anyway. Most of my neighbors/competitors are Premium Partners, so although I don’t think there is any value in being one, I suspect there is harm in NOT being one when everyone else is one…


Someone on the Facebook group suggested homeaway be renamed to Stayaway. :joy: they are an evil abusive company. They have contempt for their customer base and are a great big bully. I want to see them crash and burn!

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