The highlight section new feature

It is under the stars sections and it basically highlights what the guests said about your place. But this is a double edge sword now because if you press on any given highlight it will bring up the guest that mentioned that word. Good if you have great reviews, but very bad if you were unlucky like a host near us that got one negative review from a older guest that would have been better off in a hotel. So for the word clean, this poor host has this review pop up first where if Airbnb would have left it alone that nasty review was on the second page.

Your thoughts?

thanks for the tip!
this post must be

I am now terrified of mere words!!!

They also added a feature where you can select what type of bed is in each room.

I like the Bed Breakdown feature even though it’s pretty specific to North American beds and it’s missing a roll away, but it’s still a big help to have the bed breakdown in the listing.

I hate the feature words thing. This is the second time they’ve done something like this, where they are pulling content out of reviews. Both were dumb.