The dreaded 'late check out' request response

I have only had this a couple of times. With both sets of guests it was one who didn’t want to leave and the other pair thought they could chill all day and shuffle off when the mood took them.
Nope. At ten minutes before check out, I hammered on the door and when opened I did my ‘cleaning lady on crack’ routine. Vacuum cleaner on ‘turbo’ and a loud, ‘Hi there, I’m cleaning now! Have a safe trip…’ as I shoo them down the stairs and liberate the door key as they go.

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Is there some connection I’m missing between being Irish and going back to bed when it’s check-out time?

No! I said it to him as I knew it would make him laugh, and it did as well as getting him up!
Making a joke of that sort, you need to know your target, Mary


This is always mine :slight_smile: Sorry! The cleaner is already scheduled!

You can just set up quick replies right in the AirBnB platform…

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You can’t control other people’s feelings and having requests turned down is uniformly unpleasant.

That said, make sure it’s repeated more than once in the listing. I’d include it in saved messages if you send any on the morning of check out. And the idea of having a sign in the room might help.

People like me have no problem giving people an extra hour if requested and I know that makes it harder on those who can’t be flexible. It’s one of the downsides to “every host is different.”


If we don’t have a guest arriving immediately but can’t/don’t want to accommodate a late checkout for whatever reason- I say something along these lines:
Unfortunately our amazing cleaner is in high demand and we’ve already scheduled her to arrive at our check-out time of 11am. Then we have some regularly scheduled maintenance before the next guests arrive.


I didn’t know it was so prevalent guests asking for late or early check-ins.

The only time as a guest we’ve asked about this is typically the entry and exit days from the country due to weird flight times like arriving at 6am. But it is always expressed as asking in regard if it would work for the host as we know they have to turn over the property and likely the only way it would work would be if the property hasn’t been reserved for the following or preceding day.

Sometimes the host can do it sometimes they can’t but I would never give them a hard time as you’re asking for a favor.

Typically bag drops work just as well as an early or late check-in, and we’ve had plenty of hosts that gave a soft check-in at bag drop, giving us codes or keys so the check-in was actually already done, or allowed us to store luggage there and pick it up if we had a late flight out say at 11pm or something like that.