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The childhood home of Donald Trump listed on Airbnb




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I swear to God this house a golden shower! Everything now makes sense! Browse through the pictures and you’ll see :rofl:


You’re sick…lol!

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Five bedrooms, 16 beds, 3.5 baths, and accommodates two??
Looks like an oops moment…


Yesterday it said 16.


moi? Sick? You must have me confused :joy:


Hmmm… that’s odd. In the OP’s post, it says it sleeps 20.



So when I lived in Queens, it was part of NYCity. Now I was just a baby, so perhaps I don’t remember correctly. ;-).

Doesn’t that mean that they will only be allowed to rent this house for 90 days per year?


It’s listed on airbnb UK. Is it because short term rental is not allowed in Queen’s New York?


All our listings are on Airbnb UK. Just depends on where you are searching from. Here is the listing on the USA version of the site:


Single family homes (up to two families) are exempt from the law.


That makes no sense. Wasn’t the “purpose” of the law to keep residences available for actual New Yorkers to rent or buy? If so, how does removing single, two-family, and/or three-family homes help with that effort?


They are targeting multiple dwellings which are landlords who take housing off the market. You must rent for a minimum of thirty days if there are three or more units. This explains it pretty well.


Thanks. I forgot I use VNP that always shows I’m from UK