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The cheek! WWYD?

"We have 4 person from Malaysia here on our first trip to NZ.

May we arrange to have 2 people in the room and the other 2 people to sleep at our small rental camper van at parking lot?"

Ok, it’s actually clever cost saving but no way am I allowing 4 people to use my facilities when only 2 guests are booked into my home… Also, we have a small house, how do I tell them that all 4 people are not allowed to use my kitchen / bathroom / lounge and that I really cannot accommodate for four people!?

I try to be as proper as possible just so the peeps at ABB can see that I’m not usually not a witch with a B.
So, if there is a limit of number of people on your listing, simply state “my maximum occupancy is 2 guests as noted in my listing”.
Or, just hit decline, you don’t owe anyone an explanation!


No no no no no let them learn


LOL! Why don’t they ALL take the camping van and park at one of your gorgeous national parks!


“Regrettably, the size of my home and the facilities can not accommodate 4. Good like finding the perfect place for your trip!”

But really, you said it fine as you did - it’s just a business - ‘just say no’.


They could take turns staying in your house. That way everyone would get a chance to have a shower and use a real bathroom.

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‘My max occupancy is 2, meaning 2 people in each booking, and each booking is for distinct dates.’

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Say no. They will definitely be all using the house facilities. Not trying to scam you though. From their point of view they probably don’t see any issues. May be a reasonable request in Malaysia. If they have a camper it may only sleep two thus the request in the first place. Suggest a caravan park if one is nearby. We had a Holliday park for 13 years and these types of travellers were not uncommon. Ie a 2 berth camper but four passengers.


Just tell them no, Where are they going to shower? those 2 extra people. No, its sounds like trouble to me

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Shouldn’t this be in the ‘Problem with Asian guests’ (ffs) thread or the ‘Sly guests’ thread? I don’t know. I’m going off this place :frowning: Why bother posting this stuff? OBVIOUSLY it is a no-brainer to say no. Why mention they are from Malaysia? Do you assume that nobody else on here is from there? It’s pedantic, I know, but it pisses me off.

I didn’t see either of those threads mentioned sorry and I was wondering if it would be the norm to accept their enquiry but charge more. This is my first time hosting so I’m not sure what the norm is.

As for mentioning they’re from Malaysia, that’s the guests direct message. Coppied & pasted here so I didn’t have to explain the situation.

Hope that calms you down a bit…


Don’t forget most of these campers will want to hook up a power and water line.

@Gina - where in NZ are you?

WHy not mention they are from Malasia. What is wrong with it? Its onbiously is a brainer for a poster, thats why she came here and is asking a question

Hey all, I am so glad this was posted since about two weeks ago I received a request for 5 people to stay and pay for 2 and here is how they phrased it. "We would love to stay at your lovely home but since we are traveling around the country in our “Tiny Home” on a truck and would like to meet our parents at your farm, my parents would be the only ones staying in the home, we shall park our truck and tiny home in your driveway and just eat in the home and use the dock and kayaks, etc. REALLY! They had sent a booking request for two people so I sent back a Special Offer for 5 people saying how wonderful that they are traveling around the country with their Tiny Home and that since you ALL are using our facilities I sent a Special Offer to indicate the appropriate number of people. Of course I never heard from them but I guess they were expecting to use our bathrooms and everything else and treat us like a camp ground.


That’s its…kill them with kindness! Love it!


This is so nervy…Their logic is… well we are sleeping in their driveway so we shouldn’t have to pay for a bed.

Just what do they think is going to happen to their water waste?

Wouldn’t the neighbors just love the sight of spillover guests parked in their RV going in and out of their tiny home to your big home with all its conveniences. People. Never cease to amaze. They are unbelievable cheapskates.

(Can you imagine the same group booking a room at the Hyatt and then informing the hotel they will be parking the rest of their party in the parking lot… )


People have been known to rent out a driveway or backyard tent! Or igloo

Some have been caught “hosting” a public campground. That is a violation of the TOS apparently.

Gives new meaning to the words “trailer trash!” :smile:

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