The camera has limits!

My camera took a picture of a recent guest holding a little dog on their second night . The guest and friends were leaving the next morning. My husband said “That’s a pomeranian.” My cohost son said “That looks like a ferret. “ Long story short, I confronted the guest on the mysterious animal. Much to my chagrin, the guest denied having a pet, actually is severely allergic, and sent back a picture of one of the other guest’s fur lined hooded parka. I sent her the picture the camera took of “the pomeranian” and even she said it looked like a dog. She was gracious and accepted my apology and gave us a great review regardless. I swear the picture looked just like a dog! Better camera in the future maybe… Sometimes being wrong feels good


That’s quite funny. One for the “Airbnb Hosts’ Believe It or Not” book someone will come out with one of these days.

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A few years ago I’d just greeted my latest guests, got them settled in and left them to get to know the place. My neighbour called me frantically ranting on that the new guests had brought a huge dog with them despite our recent no-dogs policy. (The policy determined by the HOA, not us).

I rushed to the apartment to tell the guests that bringing their large dog certainly wasn’t acceptable but they were baffled.

I turned out that a local lady had been walking her dog along the road (a lab, I think) and he had broken free and was having a whale of a time running round our outside area.

Like @Mountainhost’s guests, our guests were fine. They saw the funny side. :slight_smile:


One does feel foolish. It takes a guest who truly has allergies to not get upset when the host is trying to keep her place pet free. I am just glad I did not send hubby over! The guests sat around laughing at the picture the entire night…Sheez


Some enterprising writer with time on their hands during covid, perhaps?