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The BEST airbnb I've been stayed in the United States!

My latest review!!! “The BEST airbnb I’ve been stayed in the United States!”
post yours!!!


Is your review the title of your post?
Well done!!!

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Pretty cool:

“The best Airbnb anywhere!"

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The BESTEST Airbnb of this or any other DIMENSION of the MULTIVERSE!!!


Where was it? Can you share the link?

this review in the op title is on Airbnb. Tiny Tiki Retro Hideaway

Congratulations on the fabulous review. I checked out your listing, so charming and cozy. I’m adding it to my wishlist. One question and one comment.
Your outdoor double bed isn’t available during the rainy season. Do you store the mattress somewhere or how do you close it down?
On one of your pics showing the bathroom your comment says “Beautiful but small.” I would reverse that and say “Small, yet beautiful.” Or something along those lines.


Thank you for your kind words! We hope to get a booking from you someday! Houzz.com/6356 is the book direct link! What is your listing? Do you allow dogs? We have 2 large dogs, but do not allow guest pets.

We used to have a custom tarp to put over the gazebo structure which has a shade cloth for roof, but the tarp got shredded. Now we have upgraded it to corrugated clear -ish fiberglass. We will still need to devise rain protection on 2 or 3 sides before next winter.

We put a double tarp tucked in over the mattress, and another heavy duty tarp over the whole kaboodle. We will still do that if the rains ever come back. If winter guests come and there’s no rain, we put a rather heavy nice quilt to hide the tarps. We have a storage place right there to put anything delicate, its the “Babe” trailer:)

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