The beginning of the end?

I just read that Barcelona will cancel all tourist apartment licences by 2028.

I’m unable to add a link to the article I’m afraid, but assuming the source is reputable (a Spanish English language site called “The Olive Press”), I wonder if this is a harbinger of things to come, especially in European cities where there is growing “anti-tourism” sentiment due (in part) to impacts on housing availability.

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Que sera, sera. Whether above board, or underground, I don’t think any of the ‘personal economy’ or ‘freelance’ (can’t think of the right term) income sources will disappear. Unlicensed taxis have been around since the Middle Ages. Boarding houses since the Greek city-states. Chefs coming to your home. Writers.


I really hope that the ‘arbitrage’ folks and such DO disappear. I have 3 rooms in my private home, STRing them is so much different than a person buying real estate and making it an airbnb. Our airbnb helps the local economy, does not remove housing stock (even tho this ‘reason’ to stop STRs has been debunked many times) and helps a senior citizen stay in the town that he loves.


We are currently going through this on Maui as well. Actually all of the Hawaiian Islands, but Maui seems to be heading into it like a bull in a china shop.

The islands have had housing issues for more than 50 years, but since COVID, some members of the council are spearheading the “phase-out” of Short term rentals and spinning it as if these can be turned into affordable housing for the residents. Unfortunately, all the misinformation that folks are made to believe is disheartening. Mainly that they believe that these condos will be affordable. They are hardly affordable for the owners because of rising HOAs, Special Assessments, Insurance costs and Real Property Taxes.

However, they will be getting rid of their biggest tax revenue by far - so I’m not sure how this will all play out for the islands.

So, that is IF it’s really about affordable housing. But since COVID, there has been an anti-tourist sentiment on the rise. Especially vocal via social media. Because we had gotten our island back for a half a year during COVID, some activists believe that it can be done “forever”. Funny how short the memory is. During that time, we were all HIGHLY subsidized by all of the governments; Federal, State and Local. We were not too “worried” about how we were going to put food on the table. Pandemic unemployment compensation was sometimes twice what people were making when they were working.

Besides, all you have to do is look at other areas in the states to know if they only have one leading industry, if they let it die, the whole place will become depressed - and as in Detroit (where I’m from), that depression can last for decades. (note: Detroit has seen a major turn around in the last few years due to all the money that big investors (such as Chase Bank) have thrown at it. Because values and prices of homes and business spaces went down to nothing over the years, so that recently the young people could afford housing and brought cool and interesting businesses back to the downtown area (not really all of the neighborhoods, but downtown for sure). Also Mayor Duggan is amazing - but again, that took DECADES).

We having our first Planning Commission meeting next week. We’ll see where we go from there.

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Well, at least you’re living in the home that you’re airbnb-ing i.e.
you’re not a direct contributor to the problem that some cities are trying to solve.

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Yes, true, but the ‘problem’ is not ‘solvable’ simply by assuming that everyone who is STRing would be interested in providing their STR as a rental (or a home sale). The owner of a vacant house has many options; also, the pricing is up to the owner, so an ‘affordable’ rental is not guaranteed.

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I would just like most of my competition to disappear whether or not they are legal or illegal.

Going after the illegal ones is easier.
I Hope the city shuts down the rentals that are not in areas permitted for short-term rentals.


As do I. There are too many homes owned in my 'hood by the arbitrage/hedge fund/large property management companies and while developers are building HOA communities (dense housing, apts. etc) like crazy in my area, the regular homes on the original canals are being snapped up by those folks. We have FOUR on my cul de sac and none of them follow the local laws.

I was using ABB for 1 bed/bath in my home (I now have LTR) and paid my tourist/hotel tax, helped people who were buying homes and starting businesses - that’s the best part of the STR industry.


Yes, but if they are only allowed to LTR, they have to be competitive and reasonable in rent pricing, or the place will just sit empty.

That said, there are a lot of areas, like Vancouver, where rents are crazy high. But the landlords who aren’t that greedy will get renters more easily.