The AirBNB "Platform"

Not duplicate text. Each bureaucratic entity gets to charge a tax. I don’t know the percentages of each in this case. Believe me, few people at Airbnb understand what that gibberish means.
North Carolina General Sales and Use Tax
Graham General Sales and Use Tax
Graham Accommodation Tax
Robbinsville Accommodation Tax

I keep turning Instant Book on and off and it’s fairly simple: on iPhone or iPad, you have to go the section where you would edit your listing and when you scroll down, you’ll see the Instant Book tile, underneath the text where they want to convince you that is the best way to go, you should see: “Who Can Book Instantly” - all you have to do is select : No one.

@Newflover I think you misread the thread. The host smtucker CANNOT turn it off. I can turn it on and off, no problem whatsoever. Thanks though.

The risk is that at some point Airbnb will not let you turn it off. That’s happened to at least one person here, and no doubt others.

I’m not going to go hunt it down but I believe that was an error. The person that posted that found the way to turn it off after posting, claiming it has changed appearance. The only people being forced at this time are new hosts and it doesn’t seems to be all of them, just a test group at this time.

Well, I’m fairly sure the person is @smtucker, so let’s ask him. @smtucker, are you still stuck with Instant Book?

I’m sure they are because they are a NEW HOST, one of the ones who is a victim of ABB experimenting. But there is no reason to think that if a more established host is able to turn it on and off that they will lose the ability to turn it on and off.

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Yes, I am not able to turn IB off. It is part of a great experiment. I am a guinea pig. It is distressing.


Hi @KKC,

Airbnb has shown that they are willing to disrespect someone’s wishes. Regarding the booking of his own property. Whether they are a new host or not is irrelevant. If they are willing to do it to @smtucker, why do you think they would not be willing to do it to someone else? For example, you or me or any of the other people here? Maybe it’s just me, but I find this scary.

You told Newflover that someone on this forum had *lost the ability to turn it on and off. * No one has lost that ability, there are only new hosts who can’t turn it on and off. If you want to speculate that at some point in the future the nefarious ABB will take that ability away from everyone that is a different matter. As for me, I have been using IB without incident for most of the last two years so I am not concerned at this point.

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Hi @KKC,

The precise quote is:

I submit that Airbnb is not letting @smtucker turn it off. @smtucker, is that a fair statement?

Ok @faheem, you get the last word. This simply isn’t important to me.

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That is a fair statement. But, unlike longer term hosts, I have never had this ability.

As far as I can tell, they suggest lower prices for semi private or not a stand alone place. In the beginning I had listed mine wrong and the suggestion was just $30 a night. Once I had it set to “whole place” the suggestion went to $70.

Interesting, @Dutchboy - my experience was different. They suggested the same price both ways. Also, last summer we had airbeds, old blankets, and not a private bath. Now we have real beds, nice linens, and a private bath - but the price tip has remained the dame.

Yep, I just checked it again. I changed from ‘private room’ with one bedroom to ‘entire place’ with two bedrooms (which is what I have) and the price tip stayed at $70 - when hotels are going for $200+

That seems odd. I do have to say that AirBnB does not account for seasonality . In my area the last two weeks of October are prime for fall foliage and I had to over ride the “smart” pricing, which did not increase for this time. Their site us far far far from perfect

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Have you tried Beyond Pricing? They aren’t perfect, either, but seem to have a better clue. The problem is, they don’t help you set your base price, which is my biggest challenge. With new hosts coming in and under-cutting everyone, and such a variety of what people offer, it’s tough.

I’m not sure what that is… an option on AirBnB or another site?

I will never buy into airbnb’s pricing or IB. The only time I use the suggested pricing is when I see green. And then I up my prices.

Funny how Airbnb told me I should lower to half my usual this month, and yet, when I let it ride with my own pricing, I’m at 28 days booked. Their pricing tips can suck it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: And what should they care–more money for them!

I seriously think it’s a social experiment…

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