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That feeling you get

Ok so last week I had my first bad review. They gave me 1-3 stars for everything. I normally get 4-5.

The guy turned up at 3pm dropped his bag off then went to the pub straight away. Got back at 4am. And had left before 8am. Was a one night stay. Basically never gave the place a chance as he wasn’t even here. He complained that I wasn’t located in the marina. No where do I mention a marina, plus theres a map on my listing showing where I am. Lol

Today I have another one nighter and I just have this tingling feeling that he’s not impressed. Lol

We shall see what happens.

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That’s too bad, Paul. I feel for you. Hosting is like dating, with extra added stress, but without the potential for fun. Did the guest have previous reviews? Were there any warning signs that he would be a jerk? Just curious.

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He was brand new to Airbnb. Was over 60.

Guests with no previous record on Airbnb are probably higher risk. Though in practice they seem to comprise most of the people booking, at least here.

So, I have a question. Is it possible to see the individual stars that a guest has given me? If so, I haven’t figured out how to do this.

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Some hosts have had luck getting them to remove reviews that unfairly ding on things that were not In the listing such as the marina. Drunken bum. I wouldn’t call that pub hound an ideal guest, stumbling drunk back to your place at that hour. Try calling Air?

This might not be the easiest way but I keep a note in my diary of what my stars are at any given time. Then when I get a review, I look to see if any star ratings have changed. That way, I know which guest left which stars. If that makes sense…


No. But I write down how many stars I currently have then I can work out what the latest review has given me.

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Hi @jaquo,

Oh, I see that I can click on the individual categories, “Cleanliness” etc, and it shows me individual counts for the different stars, though not which guest gave me which rating. Though I’m pretty sure guest no 3 gave me 4 stars on accuracy and value. Those were the repeat visitors who said they would arrive at 10 pm and turned up at 1 am, and who I gave a discount to.

I guess keeping track of this would tell me what the new people gave me. Thanks for the tip. Any other thoughts?

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I replied to the review stating that I never mentioned the marina etc.

Anyway I didn’t think they removed reviews.

Oh darn… they can’t remove it or edit if you responded. Sometimes it works to grovel with the guest to edit, sadly enough. Some do out of guilt. :smile: But nothing can be changed if you responded.

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Isn’t he a little old for spending 12 hours in a pub?


Is your place near a bunch of pubs? Why are they only booking one night? I guess you have the right to ask?

I like how one of my hosts said,:“If you one of those people who like leaving bad reviews do no book with me”


I don’t know he was from Dublin. Irish do like the drink. Haha


Theres 3 pubs within a few minute walk from mine. He brought his boat from Dublin. Other than that I don’t know why he was here.

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I started keeping track of my stars a year ago so I know what each guest gives me in each category. Not too time consuming once it is set up - just add the date and the number. I really like to know when I get marked down in a category.


Paul, he was hoping you were near the marina-that-wasn’t-mentioned-in-your-ad.

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I know that. But he shouldn’t downgrade me and give me a bad review specifically saying I’m not in the marina. If he wanted to be in the marina so bad then pick one of the plenty places on airbnb that are in the marina.

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Some people are just very stupid. Sounds like he is one of them.


If you want to track your guests stars; set up a spreadsheet. I have one.

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