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Thanks- no longer needed

Thanks for your responses, but I don’t think this was the place to ask.

Before I respond it will be helpful to know if he had any previous reviews that mentioned the girlfriend’s name.

Have you re-read the entire listing description again…not just the house rules? Does it mention anywhere in there at all about guests having visitors?

And what do you mean when you say “have someone over”? - An overnight guest, a study partner from school, etc.??

I agree with you that the listing should say that two people live in the house (especially since there is only one bathroom). I think that it’s generally understood that most hosts won’t permit guests to have overnight guests. I do; but I’m more liberal than most hosts. I think that the lack of communication about you having non-overnight guests is equally on you and the host. As you are staying long term; you should have asked if you would be permitted to have guests before you booked. If the host has a strict rule about the guests not having guests; he should have told you when he saw that you would be staying long term.

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Hi @laura1994,

At least for long term stays, I think policies about visitors should be discussed in advance. As well as how many people will be staying there, aside from yourself. Unfortunately, hindsight is 20/20. And in any case, even if the host told you it would be just him, and then someone else moved in with him, you’d have no recourse that I can think of, besides mentioning it in a review. Have you booked your stay through Airbnb?

But the host really should have mentioned the visitor policy on the listing - I think it’s standard practice. I have a visitor policy - which says, basically, no visitors allowed. So do many other hosts.

Hi, I think its his home and he is entitled to say no to guests bringing people into his home, you are a temporary guest who does not have any say or rights in his home. If something happened like a friend of yours slipped and broke a foot, your friend would be coming after him for medical costs and not you. I only ever accept paying guests as that is all my insurance allows. I assume when you booked that you just booked for one person, so that really only allows one person ie you in the property. I had a guest and she had a friend stay with her for 2 days, but she went on to the airbnb site and officially booked her in as another guest.

I am the host in my home, I mention whom I live with but they are not hosts even though they live in the same house. So he is still the only host and , it does not automatically become two hosts unless the name changes and a shared photograph.

But I understand what you are saying about the extra person living there that you were unaware of , I am not sure if he has to disclose that information, someone else may know ? If you book into a home that lists 3 private rooms on Airbnb, does the host have to disclose that to a guest who will be staying in the property, I don’t think so. But he is still providing you with a private room with access to a kitchen and bathroom. He is still fulfilling his arrangement with you.

You should have spent a little more time exchanging messages prior to booking, if these issues are important to you. As a host, I will happily spend a lot of time answering queries about me, my home and where I live and if you asked your host before hand , it could have saved you feeling the way you do now

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So everything is fine except you don’t like sharing the single bathroom with two others instead of one and he won’t let you have a guest stay overnight?

Many airbnb’s don’t allow long term stays or guests so your choices are probably limited if you moved. Communication is essential if you are going to live with someone for 3 months. I think you should see if you could line up another place that only has one resident and that will allow you to have guests. If you can, then you go to him and say here’s the deal: “I’d like to stay but have friends over. I’ve found another place and since you didn’t disclose I’d be staying with two people, not one, Airbnb will let me out of the booking without penalty (oh, yeah, check with them and see if they will). Do you want to let me have guests or do you want me to move?”

Otherwise just suck it up for 3 months.

As for the host perspective, it’s kind of “my house, my rules.” If someone were basically my roomie for 3 months I can’t imagine telling them no one can come over, but then again I have one and two night stays.


You may be right as rain that your host is unjust about the way he is handling your rental ~ but so what. You are on his turf and he makes the rules.

You have already asked him if you could have a guest over and he gave you a definitive “no”. Most of us would probably find other accommodations but you have already negated that obvious solution.

You describe your host as: “great”…“not so easygoing”…and “fairly hostile” yet, you are asking our input on how to further “discuss” the matter with him because it is “unfair” that he has a guest that was not made known to you…say what?!

You can try and approach your great-but-not-so-easygoing host again but I think you are risking another hostile response such as, “What is it about the word ‘no’ that you don’t understand.”

Also keep in mind we have no reason to trust you.

This is airbnb’s definition of a private space " Share some spaces with others"

Private rooms are great for when you prefer a little privacy, but still value a local connection. When you book a private room, you’ll have a bedroom to yourself, but will share some spaces with others. With a private room, you’ll be able to wake up to greet your new friends in the kitchen and have the freedom to bid them adieu at bedtime.

In fairness to the host, I don’t think he has to inform you who else is living in the property.Spaces with others can be any amount really. You can’t really blame him if you did not research enough before committing to this booking. In hindsight, a private listing would probably have suited you better

LOLOL. In the crowded category of…“I asked for your opinion but since it uniformly contradicts my own neatly formed opinion, I don’t care to hear anymore, thanks, bye.”


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Obvious case of “Postus Interruptus”?

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