Thanks for the tip, Airbnb! Now please STFU

Stuff like this pop-up just irritates the $H*T out of me. Like, REALLY REALLY irritates.


Oh, this is new! So I was declining the above local reservation request to accept an inquiry that came through a few minutes earlier, and now there are only four choices for why you are declining. The one that says “I’m waiting for a different check-in/out day, better reservation, etc.” will, should you choose to select, AUTOMATICALLY BLOCK THOSE DATES OFF YOUR CALENDAR…

They are getting so scurrilous.

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I love it when you talk dirty!:open_mouth::grin:


I just found this gem to the right of my calendar.

I am booked 100% until the end of October with the exception of some dates I just opened [no vacation! :frowning: ] in September. And my calendar is currently blocked from November 1st on.

How is this tip helpful?

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Eye roll. Once again proving Air is after volume. They make more money on volume.