Temperature at home

Please help me with ideas on guests in the tropics who after using 30 plus blankets state they were COLD in the hot Caribbean stating they were cold but too hot to turn the minisplit air conditioners and high speed overhead fans off… the costs are staggering for electricity… the complaint … they felt they should have had even more blankets… I am just lost and paying 900 dollar electric bills…

I stayed Thanksgiving weekend at an AirBnB with a host room and 2 rental rooms. Electric baseboard heat with controls in each room. When I arrived the temp in the kitchen and living room was in the 80s. It turned out the other guests were a young couple from India who had turned up the heat. I think that they had been using the living room & kitchen all day when the host was at work. After I turned it down I noticed that it had been reset to a higher temp if I had been gone most of the day. Fortunately I had control of the heat in my room!

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One set of guests? Or frequent guests? If it’s happening regularly you need a smart (wi-fi controlled) system so you can set the temp remotely. Be sure to disclose this in the listing. When I stayed in a tropical location recently there was no AC in the common areas, only in the bedrooms. We were outside or away from the home all day and evening anyway.

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I would close the AC vent in their room(s) as well.

I completely disagree. If a guest is cold in their room they should be allowed to have a heater (while they are there) unless heating is not indicated as an amenity. I would say the same for AC. I had a few guests this spring almost freeze me out of my home so I decided to start offering guests to either go with what I had (I was willing to drop a few degrees if they wanted) or I’d put a window unit in their room for them. Since then every guest has been happy with the temp. I always have a heater and a fan available in the room as well.

For my whole home listings I have a nest thermostat and tell guests to set it to make themselves comfortable. It will “learn” their preferences and it will also reduce energy usage when they are gone.

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