Tearing my hair out

This is totally daft, given I have altered or added House Rules for over two years, but can I find them to edit today? No.


I need to add something about guests being careful with 2 small kittens; not leaving doors open etc. A guest at the weekend left her bedroom door open, whereupon they immediately had a great time in forbidden territory, but I’m more worried about the door onto the lane being left open while they bring luggage in. Both are like greased lightening.

Could someone please tell me where the HR section is, in words of one syllable or pictorially.

I’m still in shock from a UK scam call three hours ago, telling me that an investigation into my tax affairs by HMRC had found me committing fraudulent activity. If I did not press 1 to find out more, a warrant for my arrest would be issued immediately.

As I’d recently been in contact with HMRC, I knew it was a scam and terminated the call without pressing 1, but it was still a shock.


Click on listings, then:

All this unusual heat frying your brain Joan?


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Thanks John. Very much appreciated.

The heat is frying my brain but not in expected ways. I love hot weather and would ordinarily be outside, up in the garden pottering or relaxing before a check in, but the kittens are proving a handful, the house is proving difficult to keep cool inside, and I have two weddings to prepare flowers for this weekend. I have so many sweet peas to crop that I ended up taking armfuls to a friend’s restaurant y’day. Today’s have gone to the pub next door. If I don’t crop daily, they’ll go to seed instead of producing fresh flowers.

I’ve been getting up at 5 am to pick for an hour or more, and I’m getting a tad frazzled!

I get little sympathy from Mr Joan. He’s working in London.


Not much from me either :slight_smile: its been in the mid high thirties for a while here, with the odd dalliance over forty. Luckily we’re booked solid for next wee while, so all the painting etc that’s needed can wait till its cooler.


Mid thirties in London today but little sympathy from me this time; he’s in a fiercely air conditioned building. Even the HS1 he travels up on has good a/c, and he doesn’t need to hit the tube.

Bloody luxury. I remember the days when…

Our house in S of France was regularly up in the mid thirties-forties in July/Aug/Sept… Impossible to sleep in, so we often packed a tent etc and headed for the coast an hour away for respite. It was like having a proper holiday!

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The kittens may get out, but in that heat they won’t STAY out. Even the mice here try to get in for air conditioning!

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You should all move to Málaga where it’s been a haven of coolth so far - most days below 30 and sometimes down to high 20s (though 34 forecast tomorrow.)
I envy you your sweet pea problem though, Joan. Our garden is sulking this year and has decided to grow no flowers of any kind. Not even geraniums! In Spain!

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Jasper Psycho Cat did get out this morning. I’ve been leaving the top half of the kitchen stable door open, but we can now leap up and over. A veritable military style op to get him herded back in. He now sits looking up at the door, shouting his chipmunk chirp.

TG, a work from home for Mr Joan, given the warning of train travel disruption; the tracks might buckle in the heat today…

If the mice came in here, perhaps the kittens, or at least JPC, for thus shall he be known going forward, might stay in to hunt them down.

But it’s cooler out than in, with a sound S-E wind blowing off the sea. And no A/C.

Here we go, a malagueña inferring Málaga is cool… :wink: you’re all just boquerones to me :fish:

Know what mean about the garden though, even our rosemary bush has died this year.


How old was it? They usually need replacing every 8-10 years. I use succession planning ideology for such plants.

Wasn’t old at all. This is the second one to pop it’s clogs this year.

Never had this issue with rosemary before, always found it pretty sturdy. Although I’ll be honest, I’m a cook not a gardener!

Also having issues with mint; some folks liken mint to a weed, but not on my terrace.

Keep juggling positions with the pots, direct sun, not direct sun, partial sun and so on. Feed nutrients, not feed nutrients etc.

I think you and Mr J need a wee break in Jerez for a weekend, bring yer trowel and magic gardening gloves please :herb:


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The requirements are only available if you use IB, which I think is a pity.

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I’ve NEVER yet been able to grow mint here. Or thyme. Basil lasts for about a week on my windowsill. We’re going to share Mr and Mrs J with you when they come …

The mint is renegade here. Picked red currants and jostaberries. Such wonderful guests now. Gratitude!

Where I am in the canaries has been perfect so far too. The odd hot hot day, but the oppressive horrible summer heat has yet to hit us.

It’s a deal. We can meet up at Morrisons in Gibraltar for the handover :slight_smile:

Common thyme is doing ok so far, and basil holding it own. Ironically, the basil plants cost less than a euro from Lidl whereas the previous one (long dead) came from nursery. We’ve got them in large pots on the terrace, hence the plant pot shuffle going on just now!

Just wait… just wait… :sun_with_face:


Morrisons? In Gib? I remember trying to sign a cheque in Safeway before flying home. I’d been staying with old friends from Bahrain, on the lash for a week and shaking badly…

I wonder if Morries in Gib have the Taylor’s of Harrogate coffee bags. I have current converts asking where they can buy to take home.

Perhaps we’ll be able to visit later in the year and drive over from Portugal with gloves and secateurs.

Plantwise, I’ve bought a lot on line from Thompson & Morgan, Crocus Club and Gardening Express, jumbo plugs on special offer in the main, and roses galore. Most have done well, but I habitually lose the “road map” and never know what I’m planting where. Makes for some interesting colour clashes!