Tea and Dinner Parties 20-30 people

One of my properties is a large 3 bedroom house .
I often receive requests for people to stay for a few nights but to also hold dinner or tea parties for 20/30 people for the day.
What’s the fairest option as far as extra charge go for these requests.
The last request I had I requested an extra $200 for cleaning on top of the $100 already cleaning fee. Was that too much?
Would love some optinions

You already asked this on another thread and we discussed. Please don’t post a duplicate topic.

I asked in regards to completely different properties. One was a huge mansion in the country another an apartment in the city.
There for completely different audience booking. If you don’t want to contribute no problem but I’m sure other hosts are happy to help.

I’m sorry, but it is the same question. You essentially asked the exact identical question in another post.