Taxpayer ID Update and horrible customer service

I received messages stating all hosts needed to resubmit their Taxpayer ID information.
I did so over the phone with a representative. Then I received more messages stating I needed to do this. I called again and the rep said there was no history that I had done this just a week ago. He told me to delete my taxpayer info and resubmit. (this is a verrrry abbreviated explanation of this hours long ongoing dilema…

I am still waiting to hear back if this has worked, though I don’t even know if there is a problem, or if we are all truly required to do this for some reason!

Also, I, as the only host of our Airbnb, am in partnership with a friend whose LLC we are using (sole LLC–only his name on it and on the bank account for payouts).
When I originally entered taxpayer ID info, I used my name (and his LLC). Perhaps I was flagged since my name is not on the LLC or the bank account? So, a week ago the rep added him as the “Point of Contact” which she said was the right thing to do.
I thought we were in the clear, until I started receiving these messages to fill out a new W-9.

Has anyone had a similar experience?
Do you think having my partner as the POC now will fix the problem of the LLC and bank account being in his name (he is not a co-host…the rep said POC was better)
I ask this here and now even though I am currently dealing with this because this company has horrible customer service. I will be told one thing, but will probably get more messages stating I need to give the info again!
So frustrating!!

All hosts are asked to resubmit their taxpayer information at some point, I think. If it is correct as it stands, as mine was, I just checked it over and pressed Save and all seems to be in order i.e. I am receiving my payouts and tax documentation.

I don’t understand why you did this over the phone- you are supposed to do it yourself in your hosting account. I wouldn’t trust that there is a record of anything you do with Airbnb over the phone.


I had a similar issue. I had typed in the wrong information. First I clicked on single member LLC and the second time I had forgotten to type “Drive” at the end of the street address.

Hopefully, it’s correct now. What is odd is the fact that I input this information two years ago and there were no issues and recently Airbnb kept calling. At first I ignored them thinking it was a scam. They had called my home phone several times but then I saw a message on the platform.

Yes, mine was totally correct as it was and I hadn’t had any payout issues. I think those are just scheduled notices they send out to everyone, that has nothing to do with whether the info is correct or needs to be “updated”.

And I get Airbnb notifications to enter my Canadian GST number, when my listing is in Mexico and not subject to Canadian taxes, other than what I report on my tax forms for income tax purposes. When I inquired as to why I was getting these, I was told to just ignore it.

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I meant that I input the information on my host account but while I was still on the phone with the cs rep. She was guiding me through it.

Thanks all. You’ve made me feel better about this. Very inefficient and poorly communicative. This is my first year so I can’t say the tax info has worked in the past…and since I never heard back from the rep, I will hope all is well!