Taxes in the us

Hey Everyone,

Hosted for a few months, but my landlord won’t let me anymore. Did not make much money, so I feel like filing will be a wash with the money I spent on expenses. I want to file just in case, but H&r block and turbotax make you pay ~$50 just to file. Any ideas?

You can always download the forms and do it the old fashioned way– with a pencil. Then put the stuff into an envelope and send it in. I did that for years, but I can’t imagine doing that now!

You should be able to deduct tax preparation fees as an expense. It could be worth paying H&R block.

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Go to the website. It will guide you through the forms. If you are a student or low income it might let you forward on to turbo for a free filing. If not, you can print it out and mail it in the old fashioned way.