Tax Payments going into "default" account

I have two airbnbs that I list. One is my own personal rental property. I have added municipal taxes to the listing for the renter to pay. AIrbnb does a separate payout for these taxes.

I have a second unit, which I manage for someone else. I have also added the tax payment to the listing. The payout goes to a separate account.

Airbnb is telling me that they can not send the tax payments from the two separate listings to two separate accounts. The tax payments can only goto the default account. So i am co mingling funds from two separate accounts.

This makes no sense. They should be able to split tax payments from two separate listings into two separate bank accounts. Anyone have any insight into this?

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Does this have a practical impact for you? Can you not just remit the taxes for both units out of the one account in your capacity as owner and manager? In a sense, you are the managing company for both properties.
If the remittance for both is coming out of your “owner” account, then collect from your client for the managed property.
Your municipality doesn’t care where the money comes from, as long as it’s paid, right?