Tax de Sejour paid automatically?

Hi. First post so I hope I’m doing this correct. …We have an apartment business in France (Dept 79) and register our tax de sejour each month with the authorities. However, we have been told that AirBnB have been paying the tax de sejour for our guests from 1st July. We have not been informed of this and have still been registering the tax de sejour. Which means that AirBnB will be paying the TdS as well as us. We have been on our hosting site but we can’t find anything to confirm if the TdS is being paid by AirBnB. Is anyone in the same position? how do we find out if AirBnB have been paying the TdS since July 1st for our AirBnB bookings?

The quickest and easiest way, would be to give Airbnb a call and check with them directly.

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I will do, but it is VERY poor communication from AirBnB. So all through July, there will have been TWO lots of Tax De Sejour paid…the tourist board must be laughing their heads off. We get an invoice off AirBnB every month so why don’t they mention the fact that they have paid the TdS on our behalf

Helsi is the fountainhead of wisdom ( and a welcome voice, if sadly now, rarely heard…). Give Air a call but I would add doing so after 2 pm UK time, when you usually get through to the Dublin desk. They seem to care more, apart from being fun as well. Good luck!


Hi redjohnboy, i also have a listing in France, and airbnb started collecting the tourist tax (taxe de séjour) in my town, for all bookings made after 1 July. I don’t know the specifics of your town, but for me the way it works is I still have to declare to my town the number of eligible nights per month, but then I can click on “collected via airbnb” so I don’t have to pay. I still have to collect and pay it for bookings made prior to 1 July, even if the stay is after July. So it’s been a bit of a hassle for the overlapping months but at least it will make things easier going forward. hope that helps!

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That’s a great help. We will start doing that from this months tax de sejour