Syncing Google calendar with Airbnb listings + date communication with cleaning helper

Help! So hoping someone can help me. There’s no way I can toggle between Airbnb and Google to find out what my life looks like.

I finally managed how to sync the two (steps below, if anyone else needs to know), and it transferred over my current bookings right away. BUT, I still have three problems:

  1. NEW bookings or NEW blocked days are not showing up when they are added - UPDATE: new bookings do show up. My test block took THREE hours however!

  2. In order to make this work, I seem to have to make this a “public” calendar which is weird. It doesn’t work otherwise.

  3. Because it is a public calendar, I don’t have the Share options I am used to, and cannot figure out how my “turnover assistant” slash cleaner can add this calendar to her Google calendar.

Big thanks in advance to anyone who has experience with this and can advise me!

  • Kathleen

(Airbnb Calendar > Availability > Sync > Export, copy URL, then hit the + sign in Google calendars and “Add a new calendar using URL” > paste the Airbnb URL)

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Thanks for posting this. Linking my calendars is on my todo list for the coming week. I figured there had to be a way, but it’s not super-intuitive.