Syncing calendars so blocking happens automatically to prevent double bookings

I have 3 listings but I’m constantly getting double bookings as my calendar doesn’t create a block in other listings once I have received a booking.
All the listings are synched!
Airbnb help/support is not great in this area and Airbnb app is so weak in this area.

Any advice will be greatly received!

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If automatic functions don’t work, your only recourse is to actually do the cross referencing manually every time you receive a booking.


There is a time lag. The calendars don’t sync instantly. For instance, booking dot com told me they only sync three times a day.

I manually sync mine. We only have one property and require long stays at a high price, so it’s unlikely we’d get overlapping bookings within a few hours, though. That gives me a little time to manage the calendars

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