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Syncing calendars so blocking happens automatically to prevent double bookings


I have 3 listings but I’m constantly getting double bookings as my calendar doesn’t create a block in other listings once I have received a booking.
All the listings are synched!
Airbnb help/support is not great in this area and Airbnb app is so weak in this area.

Any advice will be greatly received!


If automatic functions don’t work, your only recourse is to actually do the cross referencing manually every time you receive a booking.


There is a time lag. The calendars don’t sync instantly. For instance, booking dot com told me they only sync three times a day.

I manually sync mine. We only have one property and require long stays at a high price, so it’s unlikely we’d get overlapping bookings within a few hours, though. That gives me a little time to manage the calendars

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