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Syncing Airbnb and Homeaway calendars


I’ve recently listed one of my Airbnb properties on Homeaway. It’s getting plenty of bookings but I’m not finding it user-friendy at all. It seems to be totally opposite to the Airbnb calendar, so it’s confusing. I have been manually blocking out dates. Because of this I made a mistake and double booked a night and had to cancel. The guest was happy to move the booking back a few days as he could see it was free, but it was actually booked on my end.

Does anyone use a basic cost-effective calendar syncing app that could sync the bookings into one calendar so I don’t make this mistake again? There are so many on the market, that offer so many things I don’t need. Plus all of the reviews I find seem to be for people who work for the app, not real hosts. I know there have been a few new apps recently too. Any suggestions?


Airbnb have one.

Have a look on the Airbnb Help Centre and you should be able to find a link to it.


We use WheelHouse.



I list on both sites and don’t have issues.
What do you mean by “ the calendar is opposite to AirBnB”?


You can sync both calendars for free.

Under Airbnb --> calendar —Availability Settings

On vrbo it is the up/down arrow on the calendar.


if you just list on two sites, you can link the calendars together, any more sites you might consider, look at a channel manager


hi, when i do this and sync from airbnb to home away using Ical file, the pricing does not seem to come over to the home away site. This is a real problem. Am i missing something here?
THanks for your help with this.

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