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Survey on why hosts use Airbnb. Chance to win $25 Amazon gift card (due: 6/25)

Dear Airbnb hosts,

My name is Vison Li and I am a master’s degree student at National Taiwan University in Taiwan.
For my thesis, we’re doing a study on people who participate in sharing economy such as Airbnb.

We would be really appreciated if you can participate in our survey.
And the respondents to complete the survey will be eligible for a drawing for a $25 Amazon.com gift card.

Link here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DV6GZMK

Thank you so much!

All done.
Hope to heard some interest outcomes!

Q1 is unclear. “When was the last time you use Airbnb?” Use how? As a guest or as a host, or as either? Also, it should be “used” not “use”.

Hi faheem,

Thanks for your comments.
The question is about the last time you used as a hosts.

I completed your survey. Many of the questions are repetitive and some are unclear. Ask a native speaker to review them for you to improve your outcome.

In that case, you should phrase it clearly to say that.

Thank you faheem. :slight_smile:

Hi Maggieroni,

Thanks for your advice. I would keep checking on it. :slight_smile:

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