Surveillance camera disclosure

I like the way that you angle it towards the guests’ safety!


@jaquo I’m confused about if you would or would not stay in place with cameras. Or I missed a clarification about indoor/outdoor cameras. I would not stay in a place with indoor cameras. It think that’s creepy at best. But outdoor cameras have saved me multiple times. I think you were off the forum when I told the story of the Chinese guest who who checked in after my bedtime. He parked for some unknown reason down the street. Brought his bags to the room and went out, at night, taking pictures on my street. An ordinary, not particularly nice street. Some neighbor called the cops on him and he ended up bringing them back to my place, no doubt to show them some ID or Airbnb paperwork or something.

The dogs and I managed to sleep through it all up to a point. Then something woke me. I looked outside but saw no car. For some reason I just thought I should look around some more. I went out my front door and saw the door to my airbnb wide open and the lights on. I called out by no reply. Now I’m getting freaked out. I go back in the house, put on shoes and a robe over my PJs. I look at my Ring footage and see a clip with 3 cops at my front gate. I can’t figure out what the hell is going on. I call the PD and they can’t or won’t tell me anything. So I just had to wait up, waiting for this guy to show back up. He kind of explains to me what happened. I tell him he should close the door to the room when he goes out because bugs will go in the room. I go to bed and toss and turn for at least 2 hours. That week I get two 24/7 outdoor surveillance cameras installed. One limit of the Ring doorbell is it only records 20 snips. Also the way I have it set to save on battery it wasn’t triggering with each motion so it missed a lot.

I would not host without cameras now.

I agree. Outdoor cameras as useful. I am definitely going to get one of those doorbell camera thingies at my new place.

Personally I wouldn’t stay in a place with indoor cameras, but I know some regulars on here use them, so it would be useful to get their take and whether they have had guests raise concerns.

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I also would not want to stay in a place with indoor cameras, but I also would not offer a room in my main residence to strangers. We have an outdoor camera that catches everyone near the door of our basement apartment. I like it because I can tell when uberers are here or gone, I can document how many people are coming and going, and, in the event something suspicious happened, like a break in, I could document that as well. Plus, I can tell if people show up earlier or later than announced.

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Install a security camera in front and back of your house. That way you can see who/how many are coming and going. Make it clear in your house rules that parties are not allowed. We order another security camera for the garage because people were sneaking in extra people through the garage door.