Surprising dispute resolution

I had my first bad guest who among other things broke a 4 month old bed frame. I submitted a payment request for $249 to the guest and he declined. I pressed the involve Airbnb button, gave a little more info, and received a message that they would look into it. A few hours later I received a notification that $249 was being transferred to my account. While I was impressed with the speed, I was pleasanlty surprised at the amount since my security deposit is only $100.

Is this typically how things work? Will they collect $100 from the guest?

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I have never heard of Airbnb make a payout within a few hours. Normally hosts complain they have to jump through hoops to get anything

What information did you provide Airbnb with photos? receipts? guest messages admitting they broke the bed?

Your security deposit is irrelevant they pay out under the host guarantee.

They will seek to recover the full amount from the guest.


I submitted a picture of the broken frame and link to an online site where it could be purchased. The guest responded and acknowledged it broke when he sat on it but he also said he assumed it had been broken before.

Is there a different method I should have used to collect from the security deposit? It seemed like the only way to move this forward was to ask the guest for payment, have them decline, and then “involve Airbnb”.

Wow. I think the key to the speedy resolution is the guest’s admission of fault. From what I’ve seen on this forum, when guests dispute the host’s claim then Airbnb has to go back and forth between the two parties until they eventually make a decision. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like they usually side with the guest, unless the host has excellent documentation.

I haven’t had experience collecting a security deposit nor a host guarantee claim, though, so this is just a guess.

@Jeff_Smith. I don’t think you should care how the money was given to you, but instead be pleased that they ruled in your favor. Maybe they used the deposit. Maybe they used the Guarantee Almost-Insurance. That is AirBNB Voo-Doo and makes no difference to your results.


The guest did it, not Airbnb.

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@Jeff_Smith Nice that you got reimbursed, although you might want to consider getting a bed frame that’s more robust this time around if your guest sat on it and it broke. Sounds like the problem could repeat itself.


Exactly. Air bnb takes weeks and you would have to provide way more than just photos.

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The guest declined but perhaps he was contacted by Airbnb and then agreed. Below is the message I recieved:
Hi Jeff,

We reviewed your case with Brian and are sending you the $249.00 you requested.

You should see this payment appear on your account within 5-7 business days.

Difficult to say if you just got lucky, seeing the cases reported this seems anything but normal.