Suprise Extra Guests

Some people seem to have a mental block against absorbing any sort of mechanical information for something they aren’t familiar with, even something as simple as doorknob.

The main door to my kitchen/living area is hand-wrought metal bi-folds. You sometimes need to push a bit on one side or pull it towards you when locking or unlocking it. None of my guests has had a problem with it after I show them.

But I have a friend who stayed with me for a month and could never grasp the concept that you are just moving the door slightly next to the lock to slack the lock tongue out of its holder, so it doesn’t bind. She’d have one hand trying to turn the key and the other grabbing the decorative door bars 2 feet above the lock and a foot to the right, rather than pulling on it right next to the lock.
I visually explained it to her at least 3 times and then just gave up.

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I once left a review and had the boyfriend’s name wrong…I had out the name of another guest in another listing at the same time. Airbnb wouldn’t let me change it. Luckily she was a regular and I was able to include an apology and correction in the next review.

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