Superhosts in Halifax NS?

Is there another superhost in Halifax Nova Scotia who is on this forum?
Would you like to have a backup plan in case you ever have to leave town unexpectedly and need someone to prep rooms? It has only happened to me once last tourist season for me, and it was stressful finding someone trustworthy at the last minute to prep a room. Let’s be eachothers’ back up plan. Get in touch with me.

Hi Paul

Have you checked out locally to see if there is an Airbnb FB group or done a search on Airbnb to identify local supe hosts you might want to work with.

They are probably the easiest ways to identify someone to work with.

Hi Helsi,

I will check on Facebook.

I have searched on Airbnb and found someone in my neighbourhood, but don’t know how to exchange contact information without actually booking.



You just message them as an inquiry.


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