Superhost status stripped today...UPDATE

UPDATE…I read these stats wrong, but that makes this even weirder…According to their email, I have met or EXCEEDED all the requirements. Overall I’m 5…target 4.7…Response I’m 100% target 90% Accepted reservations 97% target 88%…The reason I misread is because of the email I got…SO WHY? I’ve met all the criteria and they’ve pulled the status.???
I got an email this morning stating that it has been pulled because “something has changed in your hosting status” and I didn’t ‘perform’ well enough…HUH? I was ‘performing’ fine in April. Stats were right where they should be. And still are…so WTH??
just posting this as a heads up to others who intend to stick this out and try to make a go of it. I have never in over 45 years of being in business for myself seen a company so corrupt and disreputable as this one has become. When all was going fine until the last couple of month…this is the fourth ‘interference’ in my business from them in 6 weeks. You know ‘accidents’, ‘mistakes’, ‘we’re sorry for your inconvenience’ b.s. so please no one call me paranoid or a conspiracy theorist. Make this number 5… All these things have happened in the last 6 weeks. When smooth sailing for over 5 years. I do not believe in coincidence. And I do NOT believe I am being ‘targeted’ personally either. But SOMETHING is going on…Maybe they just want me to explain to the remaining guests who are booked that I am cancelling them due to the ongoing issue with Airbnb???

Mine was renewed and my overall rating is 4.9. I am sure there are plenty of superhosts with overall ratings less than 5. At one time the cutoff was 4.8. You are right that Airbnb has been screwed up more than usual lately. Many new policies, programs, and algorithms coupled with inexperienced staff have made for a mess. Many former super hosts have struggled because limited bookings during COVID make it hard to achieve every criteria.


Funny, I only had two weeks of slack during COVID. Was busy the whole time. Was busy and over met my goals last year and well into this year. I close for two months in the winter and THAT never affected my ratings…something is really up here.


I lost mine last winter when I cancelled a guest because I was sick and didn’t know what it was, thought it could be Covid.

Never said peep to Air.

With the pathetic booking rates, I’m sure I’ll never get it back. Then there was the first time guest that gave me all 5’s, one 4 and overall rating of 4. That was helpful.

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How many bookings/how much money is that? You make much more from a booking than Airbnb does so that would certainly be an example of “cutting off your nose to spite your face.” And if you think guests will blame Airbnb instead of you, forget that.

Since you are already leaving Airbnb anyway, copy all the guest names and phone numbers and contact them directly. Give them your story and tell them you are going to be canceling all your bookings due to Airbnb screwing hosts over and that if they would like to rebook with you they can do so.

Otherwise they can stay at one of the other 100’s of cabin listings I see available in TN.


I guess I didn’t expand enough. But that’s exactly what I planned on doing. And it’s what I’ve done with prior guests, have their contact info and have told them I am ‘retiring’ and if I’ve still got the cabin, I’d be happy to host direct.

I’ve had a few takers recently. July and August is a full schedule (thankfully all but 1 were from prior to the roll out) and I’ll be contacting these guests and see what their response is. I do not want to disappoint anyone. And I am concerned that it’s really not ethical to try and cancel and then ask them to book them back directly, since they originally found me through the platform. I should just host it out and inform them they can direct book for a return visit. It will just depend on their responses. I may not be able to honor the 3 I’ve have for fall, as that hardly pays for my very expensive STR insurance.

I should be fully booked for fall foliage season by now. Time will tell if I get direct bookings for our fall foliage season and if it will be economically feasible to keep the cabin insured then. I just cannot deal with the dishonesty, ‘mistakes’ and lack of support from Airbnb anymore. And yes, there are '100’s of other cabins ’ in Tennessee. However, mine was specifically designed for my particular area, and the view/activity options here. And has appealed to that type of guest well. Ours is a small mountain community many hours from The Smokies, but close to Nashville. It’s on my farm and I’ve been able to lightly interact with guests. Always booked. We don’t have hundreds here in our area. There are a few others here, but nothing like this. Sad to lose that. Gatlinburg and the Smokies…they have ‘hundreds’. The guests I’ve gotten have specifically wanted a small retreat in this area, rather than the Smokies.

Sadly, they seem to be having as much trouble finding what they want now, as I am getting bookings and in dealing with this behavior from Airbnb. In reading the ‘press releases’ from Mr. Chesky recently, his views and plans are seriously skewed and demonstrate an elitist attitude and an extraordinary lack of understanding of our Airbnb guests and hosts in saying “he hopes to do away with the search box”. And “traveling is the ultimate uniformed decision”.And then he morphs into “encouraging people to live where they work, making Airbnb’s your working environment”…I wish you all well in dealing with this. I’m sorry for my guests also. They have loved it here and I’ve enjoyed hosting.


I also lost SH this month because of “performance” issues. Apparently I canceled more than 1% even though I did the math on cancellations and I’m fine because I got the guests to cancel.

I’m closed anyway for the foreseeable due to some home repair issues, but still. WTF.