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Superhost status a curse?


Yes, I get that for sure. But, I have stayed in several 5 star places, with superhost status. Thinking about those places, and mine, I know tons more investment should be made. This particular individual hosts over 15 places. Maybe he has spread himself too thinly, idk.


My kids explained to me the phrase “Five for five.” You agree to give the Uber driver 5 and they agree to give you a 5. That mindset may be carrying over.


Sorry to hear as you obviously put in the effort. On the cleaning front I’ve gone through periods of getting only 4 stars in row for Cleanliness. I get a friend who used to work in hotels to do the Hotel Inspector thing. Things I never notice she does and then I fix them. Once it was due to a cobweb in the reading lamp above the bed. As I clean during the day I never turned it on or lay in the bed. I check then now. Or dust on the lampshades I don’t notice for the same reason.

I also recently got in a professional cleaner to do a deep clean. It took her 4 hours but the place did look cleaner as a result. Even things like hand marks on the wall and doors or grime on the side boards seem to set some people off. Bless 'em. But we are here to serve so clean we must be.


[quote=“Steven_Archambault, post:117, topic:16591, full:true”]All I know is my home has tons more investment than this home, yet we are at the same level. That doesn’t sit well with me.

And that is exactly why superhosts are bad guests.

You should not be comparing your place with theirs. You should be comparing it with the other places around, in the same price region.

Why did you book with them? Because they are the cheapest?


I booked with them because they achieved superhost status like me. Should I give five stars to somebody who can’t bother to change lightbulbs in a dark stairway?


It depends on what you paid for it.

If it is a $300 per night listing in a cheap area you can expect it to be perfect, on the other hand, if it is a $30 listing in an area where the average listing is over €100 per night, you should give them some slack.

A superhost does not mean that they are perfect, it means that they are doing above expectation for the nightly rate you pay.

I get a lot of good reviews and guests telling me the place was much better than expected from the price. They even tell me to raise the price. But fellow host are a pain in the a**. They always compare to their listing, and mark us down for ridiculous things. That is why we try to avoid them.

So the question is, did you get what you paid for? How much was the nightly rate, and how much do you ask?


How will they achieve that I wonder?


Superhosts will need a 4.8 star average. Previously they only needed 80% 5 star reviews.



Thanks, I’ve already read this but did not realize that this new policy made it more difficult to maintain SH. Not really how they framed it in the article!


I can relate. I stayed somewhere once where the bed sat directly on the floor (no bed frame), the window blinds were broken and barely hanging in place, my bath towel had a giant hole in it, there was no TP in the bathroom, and the sheets didn’t smell clean. The host also misrepresented the location saying it was in the nice part of town when it was a few miles away next to project housing. It was an off-site host setup with other strangers in the house and I didn’t feel especially safe. The nightly rate was higher than it should have been for all of the issues.

I had no trouble giving him a 3 overall and frankly, looking back, even that was generous. You should review your stay honestly and share the issues in private feedback. It will give him an opportunity to improve.


Did they know that the light bulb was out? It might have just happened.


hi, i looked at your first listing. you’re very creative and humorous. at first i thought aunt christie was a person…lol! i only read reviews when looking at listings because sometimes guests are just idiots. i would stay with you because to me, your home is warm and full of love. anyone who has pets is ok in my books. ( so, my bro lives in slc, too. I’ve been there and loved it)
as for superho status, i have it, but it hasn’t done a darn thing for me as far as bookings. doesn’t help when you wait for 30 minutes to talk to an airhead customer support rep. frankly, i know nothing about any benefits for super ho-de-do. we just try to do out best for our guests. that’s the only motivation. and written word means far more than stars. i like to see how the host responds to criticism, too. their response is a big factor in how i judge a listing.


I am a single woman age 60. I live alone. I think it is wise to be picky about who I rent my rooms to. I have an algorithm. They have to have at least one of the following…… Several reviews that are good, a profile that actually says something, several verifications not just one, or a message introducing themselves that actually says something. I have declined many people for not providing at least one of those but I do give them an opportunity to fill in the gaps. Because I refuse many requests Airbnb has taken away my super host status. Why in the world would they penalize me for doing what they would want their own mother to do? I have decided to not care less about the super host status if it means Airbnb encouraging me to abandon my safety parameters. Truthfully the only guests that have made me feel unsafe were two people that Airbnb personally called me and asked me to accommodate. I agreed but I will never do that again. I had to cancel my vacation plans and sleep on the couch with one eye open in order to protect my other guests.


Other posters here have reported being totally suspended from the platform for too many declines. Has that happened to you?


Life resembles Black Mirror.


I did so ething similar. One cancellation and my own silly fault but lost my SH status. Looks like i get it back at the end of this quarter. I have never asked for a review. Guests seem keen to review and I oftem squirm with embarrassment on reading them. The gain or loss of the little badge did not seem to affect bookings.
I think simply displaying the percentage of each star rating would be better than using the badge.


Why do you squirm with embarrassment? I only did that once when our kitchen wasn’t as clean as it should have been and we were dinged on privately. As long as you didn’t do anything wrong don’t worry about peoples stupid complaints.

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