Superhost Relief Fund for Plus Hosts?

Does anyone know if the Super-host Relief Fund applies to Plus hosts as well?

I have contacted the customer service and I’ve been told that it should be the case since Plus hosts are also Super-Host, but I won’t bet on it…

They didn’t exclude Plus hosts. They only excluded hosts with more than 2 listings at different addresses. They have also implied they are looking at how COVID has affected your Airbnb income. I.e., the more reservations you have hosted since March 14 and are not cancelled before May 31 (possibly later), the less likely you are to get anything.

Only one host on this forum has been invited so far.

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you should’ve taken that bet! I’m AirBNB Plus, and received what I believe to be a refund last night

I think you’re talking about a payment for your cancellations, not the Superhost fund. You would have had to apply for that.

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ah! you are correct.