Superhost no more

Anyone else get downgraded or upgraded?

I was informed early since my last 2016 departure was over 14 days ago. It’s too bad, as the two New Year’s bookings were five stars each, but alas. :roll_eyes:

I’ve decided I don’t care anyway. Live on HomeAway now so we’ll see how that treats us.


I’ve never been a super host and never will be. I still get bookings. :slight_smile:


I ended the year on 76%. I’ve been through only 2 assessment periods so far and was secretly hoping I’d get super host status on this one, but alas…

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Former superhost over here (gained it the first quarter of hosting, March or possibly April 2015, lost it July 2016) and it’s made no difference to bookings.


Just became a superhost. I started my listing in November and was lucky enough to have 12 bookings before January 1st. I definitely noticed a boost in my search ranking after receiving it. Not sure if guests even notice or know what it is though. I think the title means more to hosts than anyone else.

Have had superhost status within three months of starting including for this quarter. For me it makes no difference to my bookings or rankings in my city. And when I ask guests about why they chose my place - none mention me being a superhost.

They choose based on location, price and reviews

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I got SH after my first quarter and still have it now after my 2nd quarter. It’s not helping my bookings right now (I have none) but that is most probably because it is off season here.

I am anxious to see if I will do as well in the summer of '17 as I did in '16, my first summer. At this point there doesn’t seem to be much added competition, but I’m very worried that we won’t do as well for bookings.

Superhost is Smoke & Mirrors. It is more of a way of controlling the actions of Hosts than offering quality for guests. For Airbnb the whole nut is to keep you from ever cancelling a reservation.


And get you to offer more than necessary.


I’ve been through 2 superhost assessments in 7 months, and both times I got superhost. 100% five stars. Did it affect my bookings? I don’t think it made one iota of difference. Just concentrate on what the essence of hosting is for you, do your best, and enjoy yourself along the way.

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One or two guests mentioned it to me - but most of my guests are new to the platform and hardly know what they are doing, much less if I have super host or not.

The fellow who checked out yesterday mentioned it as we were chatting so I asked him if he uses the superhost filter. He said no but he notices it and thinks it means something. If I could put words in his mouth it’s “all things being equal having SH puts a thumb on the scale” in favor of the host who has it.

There is no way anyone will ever know if it brings them more bookings, there are too many variables.

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We were superhosts from the first assessment. It means nothing at all. No guests have ever mentioned it. I don’t know if we are superhosts this time round because I don’t check. It means nothing at all.

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Superhost twice now. It’s a nice little pat on the back, but I don’t think it affects bookings. I keep looking for my superhero cape!

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It’s funny, I have a good friend that uses AirBnB almost exclusively when she travels (maybe 4-5 times a year). She is very proud of being able to find “hidden gems” as she calls them. A few months ago we start planning a group trip to Cuba. Another friend (5 in our travel group) was in charge of the accommodations and sent us 5 or 6 listings to look over. The AirBnB “expert” says “I vote for home B. I only stay with Super Hosts”. So when I go live with my place last month I am so stressed out, trying to make that Super Host status. Ugh. I am so glad I found this forum! …and I will have to tell my friend that sadly I am not a Super host, so she’ll have to find someplace else to stay the next time she visits! Lol. Boy, will she get an earful next month. I am just going to have to Edjimucate her… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s a great place. :slight_smile:

Hosting is great - you meet interesting new people and you make money. That’s what’s important - being a superhost isn’t.


A hidden gem is the amazing host that for whatever reason doesn’t have the badge.

A hidden gem is not the host with the massive badge on their profile and a status that can be used as a search parameter. Superhosts are great don’t get me wrong but hidden gems? Not so much.


I don’t think it would be hard for Airbnb to monitor if your booking was made after a super host filter was put on. I know that doesn’t answer the ultimate question - even of those who didn’t put the filter on did they select your place because of your super host status but I don’t think that is as important. I find how many views per week is interesting. It takes over 300 views before I get a booking. From the point of a consumer, when I book I do use the superhost and instant book filter. If I can’t find anything (price, style, dates) then I remove the instant book filter. I have stayed at 4 places two super host and two not. The disparity was too great for me to risk not staying at a superhost place. Even then there are still issues.

We just started hosting in mid October, so this was our first review period, and we did just Superhost status. Since I am a regular on this forum, I know not to give too much credit to that status; however, the perfectionist in me is still delighted to have achieved it! Of course, the detail that I feel brings me more legitimate pride is when I look at my stats and can see that we have a 97% five-star rating, as compared to most hosts in my area have 86% five-star ratings. So, I am thinking it might bring more bookings to have better reviews than my local competitors.

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How will it bring more bookings? 86% is also superhost level.

I once read somewhere that listings with 4.5 stars hold a large proportion of the market (obviously I guess) but are also more likely to be booked.