Superhost Filter Back

AirBnB seems to be changing daily. Today, I’m seeing the Superhost search filter is back on the mobile app and web. No sign of “Guest Favorites” or the individual stars on reviews.

I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Guest Favorites, but maybe some tweaking is being done.

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Hopefully they have been getting a lot of guests asking where the Superhost filter went and complaining about it disappearing.


Are you in the USA? Here’s what I’m getting logging in in Canada

Nothing is different on the desktop Chrome version. Guest Favorite still there and a filter, SH not there as a filter, and reviews still show stars. Accessing from the US, searching for the Caribbean.

Same here, no SH, only guest favorites. I’d love for them to bring SH filter back or let me filter by star rating like every other site with stars.


Yup, in the USA. Checked from work, home, different browsers, incognito, etc. I am back on the old AirBnB site somehow.

Different servers, maybe.
Maybe they are beta-testing it outside the USA