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Superhost Customer Service


My humble little room is well booked with problemless guests. I haven’t called Airbnb for assistance in many months. Yesterday I made 3 calls to the dedicated help line and was on hold 8 minutes, 17 min then disconnected, and then another 15 minute call ending in frustration. I also called on Jan 2 and had a 10 min wait time. At least that call they could help me with my issue.

So… while this used to be a SH benefit I don’t know if it still is. I can tweet for help but once everyone learns they can tweet for help it will be no better. In both cases I was lucky that it wasn’t a serious problem like damages or getting someone out of my rental.

With each guest I was already devising workarounds in my mind that cut Airbnb out. My mantra going forward: I can only control what I do, not what the guest or Airbnb does.


Hi @K9KarmaCasa

Not sure where you are based, but here in the UK I normally get answered after a couple of minutes.

We used to get our customer service from Ireland, but now it seems to be answered from the US or Philiipine’s and the staff don’t seem to be as competent.


I’m in the US. My recent calls the CSRs all sound like South Asians. In my case yesterday it wasn’t the agent’s fault it’s the way the Airbnb system is set up so I don’t really want to blame that.

I don’t want to post specifics of the situation because this forum is publically searchable. Maybe if it hadn’t been a time sensititve issue I could have gotten help via email as well.

As I said, lesson for me is how to problem solve without their help, not how to better get their help.


I had to use them from here in the UK late last year - we had guests arriving in the early evening but during the day we had over 5 inches of rain and we were flooded. I phoned Support to cancel the guests at the last minute and they were very, very helpful - I was really impressed with how calm and reassuring they were.


I have heard that Airbnb is farming out a lot of their CS now. I haven’t called the superhost line but the regular line… I have had CS make up stuff more often than I can count. I’ve even had to school CS on Air stuff and have them tell me “you know more than I do.” Comforting.

The company is growing and expanding faster than they can keep up with and is suffering a lot of growing pains in the CS department.

Twitter is just someone fielding calls except online. I’ve tried to escalate on Twitter only to have them refer them back to the rep I hated dealing with or just respond with boilerplate.


When first connected I was given two optons: “regarding an existing reservation” or “something else.” I chose something else but if there is a next time I’ll choose “existing reservation” and see if that makes a difference. I’ve previously had good experience with calling.

We often counsel people to “call Airbnb” when they post questions here on the forum. That may not be good advice.


I think in Europe generally it is, in the US not so much, but still better than other methods :slight_smile:


Which customer service unit you get depends on your local time (on the world clock) and which CS unit is active while others are “off duty”. One on the East Coast of America, and if I call during my morning, I get an Irish CS agent from Dublin in the middle of his/er shift. If I call after Noon my time, I get an American CS agent because the US CS group in California starts business at 9AM their time (Noon my time).


When I called at 2:30 pm MST and when I called at 9 pm I got South Asians. On Jan 2nd I called at 10:40 am MST and got a South Asian. On Jan 2 they moved my request up and I had an email resolution that same day. I don’t care where they are from or if I can understand them or not if they can help me. If they can’t they’re worthless.


same here either Irish or US but you can request them to call you and that way you won’t get charged, not sure if that’s just superhost or not. I only just found this and it’s great.

For information on how to get started using our site please visit our Getting Started pages for hosts or travelers. Urgent Phone Support. We try to keep our phone lines open for guests and hosts with urgent situations. Please reach out to us via email if possible. Request A Call. +353 1 697 1831. Local Numbers …


Not only are they farmed out, I have heard the call centers often cover OTHER companies and services, as well. It could be their shift for Airbnb or it could be 1-800-CATHeters.