Superhost Confusion

Can anyone explain what this means…

What happens on 14 October and should I be bending over backwards to slip in 2 stays before then to get me up to 10 x 5* reviews?

On Oct 14th you will be a SH if you have at least 10 reviews and your average is 4.8 or higher.

No, it’s too late. The assessment period ended Sept 30th. They wait two weeks so any reviews from the last stays have posted. So one is not notified until the 14th of each quarter end. Jan 14th you will probably get your first SH congrats email.

Gaaaah!!! Their coding is so terrible…

You should be able to hit that dropdown and select the time period ending 30 Sept, which is the current assessment period.

Their metrics are based on a rolling 12 month period, and the current assessment covers stays 1 Oct 2017- 30 Sep 2018.
At least in my dropdown, you can’t select the current assessment period and the one you have selected (ending Dec 2018) won’t count anything from last fall. If you have at least two stays during that quarter you might qualify for SH.

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Why bend over for Superhost status at all :slight_smile:

Is it worth me inviting 2 guests to review the

Thanks. Now it makes sense.

That’s kind of the answer I was looking for. Is there any tangible benefit?

This has been discussed on here quite a few times before @Fahed - why not have a look at previous threads on this topic.

However as @KKC you are too late for this quarter anyway.

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You get access to a customer service number that usually has shorter wait times.

The best thing I got was a $500 mattress from Tuft & Needle. Several years ago they, along with several other online mattress co’s, were giving away mattresses so guests could try them out. I haven’t seen any offers like that lately though.

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Yeah, I think that’s the main point. I’ve got another 2 bookings before the year end. Hopefully, more will be coming my way, so no need to fuss.

Absolutely. First, if you can maintain it for a full year you get a $100 travel voucher. For me this is something I actually use every year. Given that I only net about $10,000 a year, $100 seems like a nice little reward. For someone with a ~cough~ nicer listing who can make $10,000 a month, it might seem like a lot of work for little reward.

Second there is better customer service for SH if you need to call them. I’ve been a SH so long I don’t recall ever calling the old number but SH is supposedly better.

Third there is a SH filter for searches. I use it when searching for a place to stay and only turn it off if there are no suitable SH listings available.

There are other people here who swear it’s not important and I agree it’s not that big a deal but I don’t see any way it hurts you to have it. If someone doesn’t have it I always wonder why not.

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The Customer Service is far better on the SH line. Unlike K9, I bitterly remember the only time I called the ordinary line, I received rubbish, couldn’t care less service. Since gaining SH, I’ve had very good service without fail.

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I have one very good reason for properties to not have SH status: AirBnB does not provide enough bookings compared to other platforms for some properties. We are one of the top properties on our island with another platform that provides around 80% of our bookings. We simply have a hard time getting enough bookings to make the 10/yr hurdle. Our property is just too large and too expensive to attract a lot of AirBnB guests.


That’s a good point although the times in my life when I would be considering a place in your price range was once. That one rental was booked via HA and I should have just booked directly saving $250 in fees but I was nervous sending $6000 to a foreign country.

Many other hosts could have a cancellation for excellent reasons but 99% of the time if I see a cancellation on their record I click away. I also search first via IB and that’s also going to remove some nice properties from my consideration.


Another reason is not getting 50% of guests reviewing. Last quarter we dropped to 48% at one stage but it was up to 54% when the assessment was done. With a 4.9 average for 70 reviews we still almost missed achieving it.

Many people who have a bad experience think not reviewing is the kind thing to do. So that’s not really an argument in favor. I’m not saying you are a bad host or that people aren’t reviewing due to some problem at your rental.

I think it is because we have a lot of reviews and they think it doesn’t matter. They leave a nice message in the guest book and may think that is enough. Also when we were down to 48% I looked at the last guests who had stayed to see if they left reviews for previous hosts and they did not. They had reviews from hosts but had not left one in return. Lots of first time users too who may just think it is not that important. Mind you we do not pester guests for a review or leave any notes around about it either.

I have 418 reviews and sit at 79% reviewed. It was higher but I have a guy here now who booked 8 stays in Sept and didn’t leave reviews for any of them. I also have a guest book that only about 25 % of guests sign. And I don’t ask for reviews.

I honestly don’t know what the answer is. I do know there are good hosts who aren’t SH but with most cities having dozens and dozens of listings competing for my eye I just need more filters. SH is one.

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I’m going through the same thing.
We had one person stay a year, and she only counted as 1! She booked three months at a time, so 4 reviews were done, but I only got credit for one stay. So bazaar. I called after she left and asked about superhost. Customer service said I was almost there-just needed two more reviews. That was 6 months agi. I have 14 reviews, all 5 star and 20 stays. I still don’t have superhost status. I called customer service because I’ve entered into a new evaluation period which starts January 29th. That date continues to change. Customer service said I would be evaluated for the next two weeks. They said they have no control of superhost status and have no one to elevate my concerns to. Really? This is Airbnb, not At & t. They don’t have the ability to ask? They actually told me the computer makes the selections! What? I was very frustrated. Normally if someone in customer service can’t answer a question for you, they tell you they will get back to you when they find the answer for you. I was completely shut down today. What I really don’t understand is superhost status gets you more bookings, which generates income for you AND for Airbnb. They dangle it like a carrot!

Oopsie, just wanted to apologize to @fahed for giving you misinformation and not realizing the assessment period ended 9/30. Sorry about that!!! I don’t pay attention and shouldn’t have replied.

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I do the same thing! It’s a good way for me to narrow the search, although if I don’t find anything then I’ll turn it off and take another look. I’m assuming this will be similar with the Plus listings, which I don’t think we’ll ever be one of those, but do have my SH status.