Superhost burnout

I actually do look at everything;it has helped me improve. Someone said my coffee pods were awful; so I put in a do it yourself starbucks coffee bar;now everyone loves it. Someone said the bed was a bit too firm; I put a layer of memory foam on it and everyone says the bed is comfy in reviews. One person suggested I put in a jacuzzi…no way not gonna do that!!!


I have to admit that in the past I have stumbled upon the comments and reviews. There haven’t been that many negative ones because I offer–at rock bottom rates–a bed in the corner of my big living room, free use of washer/dryer, etc. People are just happy to be getting the quality of accommodation for so cheap so they’re less inclined to get nit picky.

I’m sure your place is way nicer than mine so it is wise to make things as nice as possible for guests. The Starbucks coffee center sounds wonderful! :)))

Believe it or not, when I featured the starbucks coffee bar in my photos my reservations went up.I have had a lot of people say they decided to stay with me because I offered Starbucks coffee!


That actually cracks me up because as a coffee snob, I think starbucks is gross, lol. Give me some good old Trader Joe’s whole bean coffee! I do agree that a good coffee bar set-up is great though. I plan to do that next year when we rehab the kitchen!


I keep Starbucks beans (Dark French Roast) in the freezer for guests and I don’t think people like it as they leave bags of coffee behind that they’ve purchased themselves, locally. I wonder if the French Roast too dark for them. I’ve had the same 3 lb bag in the freezer for over 8 months.

I have the dark french roast and they like and use it;I have a 2 sided coffee maker, so they can make a full pot or just a cup.I also have the syrups they can add to flavor it and tiny individual flavored or plain cream.

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Do you offer beans or is it already ground? I always like to grind my own beans but I wonder if guests think that’s a hassle (they seem to be buying ground coffee).

SB coffee tastes burned to me.


I’m fine with good ole’ Eight o’Clock Comumbian.

But the coffee bar idea itself sounds great. I stayed in one place that had Sumatran coffee beans (presumably to go with the Indonesian decor theme,) a grinder, a French press, whole milk in the fridge and a Breville milk frother. It was heaven.

I didn’t want to leave!


Couldn’t agree more. I’m a Peet’s woman.

I buy the beans at costco with a $4 off coupon and grind it there. I do it because I noticed when I would dump kitchen trash there were always starbucks cups in trash.And I thought why not save them 10 a day on Starbucks coffee and carry it?Most seem to love it and use it;I also have a hot water pot for tea drinkers, I have a lot of those.I also keep a french press in the kitchen too;some people like that.

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First, real coffee snobs aren’t going to like coffee from the freezer. You should store it in an airtight, dark container. If it’s 8 months old you should use it yourself and get some fresh for your rental. Second, I was surprised to find out people don’t know how to use a grinder. I would ask people if they liked coffee and show them my coffee station area if they said yes. I was always puzzled that many of them then left without making themselves any coffee. Then once I was showing a fellow, an MD, the stuff and he said he didn’t know how to use the grinder. An Ah-ha moment. Now I’m retired and here most the time and make the coffee anyway but I always make sure to ask and show now. And obviously lots of people don’t like good fresh coffee and I offer the Keurig as evidence. Third it could be the dark roast. Kona has mentioned how she puts plain coffee into a jar and no one complains.


People like the Starbucks name.I have had at least 6 reservations just because they saw the starbucks coffee bar in my photos.


If I put beans in an airtight container, how will guests know what they’re drinking? I think I’ll try the pregrinding method & will have to refill a small starbucks bag. Even when I’m fully booked, I only have 7 guests a month & so guests won’t go through a 3 lb bag soon enoughave for ground coffee to get stale.

I thought storing beans in an airtight bag in the freezer is how I was supposed to store coffee!

Hello, calling all coffee lovers, from the heart of Kona Coffee country! Do not, repeat, do not put your beans in the freezer. It sucks the life, water and flavor out of them. I don’t know how this bad habit started but it’s time to stop it!


I don’t know how it started, but it spread like wildfire. For a long time everyone I know was convinced that the freezer was the right way to go. Then the pendulum swung and we all switched to putting it in a cabinet.

Just make sure you secure it tightly with a clamp or chip clip.

I very much respect the advice you give here, Jerry, about the fact that hosts work too much IN their business instead of working ON their business. It makes me want to know more about how you are promoting your property beyond the Airbnb site.

By trade, I’m a graphic designer, visual communications specialist and photographer. So I’ve branded my house and did all my own professional-level photos. I’ve also had business cards printed and hand them out any chance I get. Just to spread the word locally to anyone who might have out of town guests that they don’t want to host themselves, I’ve also promoted my Airbnb on my neighborhood forum which goes out to 21 neighborhoods in a broad metro area.

So far, sorry to say, these tactics haven’t seemed to attract additional customers to those who came my way via Airbnb. So it seems as if the way I’ve presented my space on the site, both the written part & the photos, are doing the most measurable work for me right now. Would love to know more about how you’re working on your business rather than working in it!

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Diamond, what is a Starbucks coffee bar? Is that a machine? We have a Nescafé machine and capsules but reception has been so-so.
Sorry off topic

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I do not understand, do you mean you keep promoting your AirBnB listing, or do you have your own site?

See my post in another topic:

I’d be interested to know why you are promoting your listing locally?