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Superhost bonus wasted


I booked an Airbnb with my superhost bonus but had to cancel the booking due to an emergency. Has anyone tried to get it reinstated and succeeded?


Yes! Rang the super host line, explaining and it was reissued


I had to do the same thing last year and lost mine. You have one year to redeem it. I had booked using it beyond the one year, which is allowed. But when I had to cancel, it was past the one year so I lost it.

Speaking of Superhost bonuses, I got an email yesterday that my Superhost rewards have arrived! Yea! Besides the $100 voucher, I get;

  • up to 30% off a Nest thermostat - I don’t want one. I actually got one for free from our electric company and sold it.
  • Earn 20% more on a host referral- meaningless to me
  • discount on “Experiences” that still says “coming soon”
    I am so excited! NOT!


Thanks! What is the number for the Superhost line please?


Where are you based?


You get emailed it @bengaltiger when they notify you of your status. Normally same customer services number for your country, they just recognise from your number that you are a superhost.


My property is in Italy but my account is in the US. Do I call Italy or US?


US - no international call charges and you would have the ph number in the email telling you that you gained super host


Thank you for your help everyone! I contacted them on Twitter and they sent me a replacement code right away with a full one year validity!


Lol. Don’t forget the URL one. I want to keep my URL, as my low number shows I signed up with Air when they first started.


That too says coming soon;
“Custom URL
Build your brand with a custom URL to make your listing easier to find and share.


Unless you are Brian “Host Numero Uno” Chesky is that of any value?

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