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I have a couple of Nest Bedding pillows that have a chopped foam fill inside a good quality quilted zippered cover. You can take out the fill to make the pillow as puffy or flat as you prefer. These pillows are for the guest so I haven’t used them myself. I think they have more fill in them still than I would like even though I took quite a bit out. They wash up easily (other than putting the machine out of balance) so I took to soaking and washing in a tub.


I am not a fan of a bunch of pillows on the bed I’m going to use. In my Albuquerque Airbnb there were six on that king bed. Two traditional pillows for sleeping, two big decorative ones and two smaller decorative ones. Luckily it was a big room so I piled all those extras in a corner but generally speaking all those pillows are just in the way and then they’ve been on the floor and then back on the bed and just…no. Say no to too many pillows. :laughing:


a good down pillow lasts for decades. Down is no more allergenic than polyester…its the dust mites in the pillow.
I use pillow protectors and wash them every few guests. The pillow shouldnt need washing very often at all, though I do air them out in the sun. There are washing suggestions on line…I think it was once a year.

I personally like a less full pillow cause they squish inder my neck for reading better. My 50 year old ones slowly got lost traveling and the last just finally fizzled out.
I finally found the perfect ones from Royal who do just pillows and duvets. Reasonable price and actually down…not down and feather.


Guests often do but they need a few and might genuinely have taken SOME of yours in error. I now have bright Fluoro coloured ones and remind guests night before ‘don’t forget to check under beds, it’s amazing what I find! And please make sure to leave my Fluoro adapters plugged in for the next guests when you go!’ Never had one of them taken


Pillows are so subjective. We try to put a variety of different pillows on the beds and hopefully guests find one or two they like.


The idea of USB adapters or built in plugs is perfect for rentals that get international visitors. The little USB adapters are next to nothing. If more expensive ones for plugs go missing I’d always have a spare and try to charge guests who take them. Maybe you could sell them to guests who need them


Hi Emily, I agree that guests may well have taken some adapters in error, assuming they were theirs. I have not come across those brightly coloured ones yet, it’s certainly a very good idea!


Hi We offer 6 pillows, 4 on the bed and 2 in the wardrobe, 2 are firm, 2 are medium and 2 are soft. We wash all covers each time and the protectors every 4 guests. We only airbnb on weekends. Our worst guests were two young women who managed to get makeup or maybe fake tan on all the pillow covers and through to the protectors. Luckily we had plenty of time in between to get them clean.
I suffer from chronic neck, shoulder and back pain, work related injury so I have to be very fussy. Whenever I travel I take my own, full version if by car, 3/4 cut down of the same pillow if by plane. It is memory foam so they squash down really well in a suitcase.They have curves of different heights on each side which is great as the softness of the mattress makes a difference to the height required for the pillow. To check if your pillow is correct for you as a side sleeper, lie down and have someone look to see if your head and spine are aligned in a straight line.
Worst pillow ever offered at a hotel was in Japan, the contents was made of some fibrous plant material that crunched underneath as you moved. Did wonder what might be living in it!!


Those are traditional buckwheat pillows. All traditional inns and ryokans in Japan have them. Usually with futons directly on the floor. There’s nothing living in the buckwheat pillow, I assure you.

My son studied abroad in Japan for two years and can’t sleep on a western pillow now.


We also use a lot of Airbnb’s especially in rural or smaller areas and you are spot on BC ShelIy. Thank you. I would add that a clean bathroom goes a long way (actually clean everywhere but especially the bathroom).


I’m with your son on the buckwheat pillows. I’ve never seen a flat American pillow version (I have a round neck version that I’ve had for years). It’s excellent for under my neck to prop for bed reading.

I was stopped by a customs inspector (I use it for airline travel) who made me unzip it to show the actual buckwheat hulls. I told him they did not contain any seeds or anything contraband ~ just the shells or hulls of seeds. I was so hoping he wouldn’t dump out the whole thing.


Oh brother. i guess he though you were going to smoke that pillow! :tired_face:


Some people love buckwheat pillows! I, for one, do not.


For those in USA, we have this in each guest room. It screws into the wall outlet so guests can’t “inadvertently” take it home. It has a green light I found to be too bright so snipped the light and it still works great! It has a little shelf that slides out to hold your phone. Also adds extra outlets to plug other stuff in.


So funny you should mention this. Last night I laid in the guest room for awhile checking the comfort of the bed, pillows, sheets, how quiet,etc. I have surge protector outlets on each side of the bed with LED lights. One faces the bed and I finally realized that’s why guests sometimes turn it off (it has on on/off switch on top). Lights like that don’t bother me when sleeping; I prefer to wake up to a soft glow in the room so I didn’t realize. Eventually I will replace it with a receptacle that has the USB built in.


me too -swear by pillow protectors - have oxford square large back pillows and front microfiber firm so that guests have choice of soft or firm - microfiber or down - its hard to please everyone all the time here are my top room things
global adapters x 3
usb plugs x 2
dress pillows - to throw off bed but extra support if needed
small fridge
packets of small hanky’s
hand sanitizer gel
needle a thread/small scissors
room cooler/heater - for extra comfort
black out blinds
side table lights
large mirror
towels hand towels and face towels
a selection of guide books/tours/London life stuff - a welcome book with all the flat info

the basics been hosts at 80% since feb 2011 - over the years


I too have a multi outlet that has USB ports. But I also have purchased cables for this, that reach to the bedstead.

Does anyone use multi outlets without giving guests a cable? It would certainly be nice to not be replacing them (they break apparently by magic)? or if you do, what cables etc do you provide?


I have a little plug in usb (3 years and it’s never gone missing.) I have one fairly short micro usb cable (like for Android) that a guest left. It’s in a drawer and I don’t point it out or have anything about it in my guest guide. I don’t know if anyone has used it. If anyone messages me to ask about borrowing one I can direct them how to find it.


We have hypoallergenic pillows, not foam. We have 4 for the queen bed. Our guests love them. Neither too firm or too soft. In fact we spent a few nights in our guest house recently and liked them a lot. Can’t remember where we got them. I love down, but my wife is allergic so hypoallergenic it is. We haven’t had to replace the pillows in the guest house, but we do have pillow protectors on them under the pillow cases. We wash them every few months or so. Never a complaint.


We offer 2 pillows with IKEA protectors on bed, 2 down pillows with cases in shams, Four smaller pillows as decor in lounge. Guests can find one that is comfy. The bed pillows are Wamsutta extra firm and several guests have written to us after they got home asking us about the Wamsutta pillows as they liked them so much. They cost less than $20.

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