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Superhost badges doesn't have any value

I am a host with Airbnb for over 8 years, being a Superhost for 22 times in a row with 187 - 4 and 5 stars reviews. I have a home caretaker that works with me and for my guests for 7 years, never had any complaint on her, and get lots of compliments of how her services help them to have a more relaxed vacation.
I had a young group as a guest that was braking rules with noise after hours, leaving garbage everywhere, etc… they did not like that my worker told them to respect the neighbors and to please put the trash inside the bins. they made a terrible review of the worker on Airbnb and said that the worker entered the house at 6 am on Sunday while they were sleeping. In 7 years that was never an issue with my worker. I believe they are not telling the truth because during their stay, I maintained communication with guests daily because of the complaints and the guest was always polite and apologetic and at any moment mention to me about the worker entering the home. Airbnb blocked my calendar for future reservation even without talking to me, gave me 72 hours to explain or I would be ban from their site, but never answer the phone and only after 3 days and calling multiple times and multiple emails I was able to speak with them and still had to wait for 3 more days before unblocking my calendar, making me lose a reservation that could not be added to my calendar. So, what represents this badge? If 8 years doing an amazing hosting service with 22 times in a row as superhost has less value then a accusation without any proof of a young guest that has been on Airbnb only 6 times?
And now I have a red flag on my account and I dont belive its fair.

@JacqueliniB The Superhost badge is just a behavior modification tactic to keep hosts stressed out, terrified of a bad review, and accepting of all sorts of bad guest behavior.


I would tell them after reviewing the security camera footage I can confirm that nobody entered the house on Sunday morning before checkout time.



In our market, if we lost SH status (for whatever reason) tomorrow I’d have a bitch for five mins then move on.

Many of the very busy hosts here are not SH, and it doesn’t appear to be detrimental to their business.

In fact, if Airbnb delisted us right now, I’m not sure how hard I’d fight to get relisted.

My OH and I were talking about this a while ago, and her comment was that it’d simply open up dates for BDC and VRBO guests.

Mind you, right this moment in Andalucía, simply guests of any persuasion would be good…




The main value of Superhost status is that some guests are more likely to book with Superhosts because Superhosts are less likely to cancel confirmed reservation. The higher the demand in your area, the less this will matter.

Superhost status, number of reservations hosted, years listed with Airbnb, etc. do not seem to influence Airbnb in complaints from guests.


Will be interesting to see if there is a change to the attitude towards hosts when they bring in the blanket 15% host fee.

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In our area, none of those appear to influence bookings, with Airbnb.



I don’t think it really changes much. They’re still going to be collecting payments in advance and paying hosts only their share, so hosts won’t have any more control or any more value.

There might be less of a tendency to influence hosts to lower prices. With the split-fee model, Airbnb’s commission is not directly tied to the nightly rate. They take a higher commission for lower-priced bookings. (It’s a bit of a conflict of interest to ask hosts to lower their price while raising their commission on that price). When they switch to the host-only-fee model, they will be 100% tied to the nightly rate.

What are you thinking might change?

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Thank you for this!! This is me 100%
Totally stressing out over every guest even when they are a total twat.

It’s also unfair that guests can arbitrarily choose any rating even after rating each individual section 4 or 5 stars.
Had one guest leave high marks for everything and then an overall 3 star review. Because our guest area doesn’t have a kitchen. Which they knew ahead of time and is stated in the listing. I even let them use my own kitchen and they were rowdy till 3am.

Gotta be nice though in ordered to get a good review and they still screwed me over.

Rant over lol. It is frustrating though for sure.

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@jward77 From all my reading on host forums over the past couple of years, it doesn’t matter how accommodating a host is to entitled, demanding guests, they leave bad reviews anyway. They simply aren’t appreciative people- they think they are entitled to whatever they want and don’t take responsibility for things like booking a place that doesn’t offer a kitchen when they wanted one. It’s all your fault for not providing a kitchen in their space. So it’s pointless to try to make them happy- there’s nothing in it for you.

You just have to learn how to firmly but politely say no. The odd thing is, those types of people often become more respectful when a host makes it clear they can’t be pushed around.


What is the blanket 15% host fee?

At the moment they charge you 3% and the guest a fee of anything up to 20%. Changing to a blanket 15% fee all to the host.

When is that going to begin?
My first inclination will be to raise the nightly fee by 15%. Any thoughts on this anyone!

It starts November 1st here in Australia and that rise appears to be the usual response.

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Yes, 15% is close enough. If you want your payout to be exactly the same as before, then raise your nightly rate by exactly 14.118%.

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Thanks everyone for your advices and support.
The problem for me is that 8 years working with Airbnb with 187 4 and. Stars reviews, 4.86 average don’t give me credibility to show we are trustable hosts. I did not loose my Superhost status, but have a red flag on their system based in a complain without any proof. :rage:

Really, stop stressing about this. There is absolutely nothing about a 4.86 average and 187 positive reviews that affects your credibility as trustworthy hosts as far as guests are concerned.

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I agree with @Muddy. It would be great if you could explain to us exactly why all this bothers you. The superhost badge is merely like a gold star on your chart when you are three - it has no bearing in the real world. As you say in the title of this topic it ‘doesn’t have any value’ yet you’re expecting it to?

Airbnb prefers hosts who host, from their platform, as much as possible. Obviously. With only 187 four & five star reviews in eight years you are not hosting full time and/or are using other platforms (which most of us do).

But it’s truly not wise to expect anything other than advertising from an advertising platform And yet we get credit card processing and other features too. But it’s really better if hosts don’t expect more.


Anyone knows the rates of BDC and Vrbo please?

If I’d had a mouthful of coffee, you’d owe me a keyboard. I didn’t. It was a fine Oloroso therefore never suffers the same fate as coffee :wink:


Umm, yes thank you. Why ask when it takes you around two clicks a time…


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