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Super Host! why do I not feel Super!


This morning I received an email from AIRBnB saying I’m a x4 Super Host!

They say ‘Congrats’. You would think using the whole word would be better for a start.

They then list all the benefits I’m going to get from them such as a ‘free photographer’ but only if its available in my area! there is not one! I can have 86 Euros’ to book a holiday via, Yes, AirBnB so they can have some of the 86 Euros’ back!! There is also a long list of other ‘benefits’ which are not so much benefits for Hosts as ways to get more customers for yes Airbnb.

The whole thing is insulting considering how much money they make out of us.

What about, 'your a Super Host we will give you back some of your own money. They take none of the risk as its only a website! and bank our money, their daily balance, on the stock market making billions from what we are providing; not them.

Yes, I was doing this work before the even existed, so we did not need them.

Like Taxis with Uber, they cream off our profits from our work and investments.

I never use the FANGs - Facebook, AIrbnb/Amazon, Netflix, Google, they have their teeth in everything.

I’m feeling a little more Super now!!!.


Oh dear @AndrewAndrews - seems like their marketing email hasn’t got you off to a great start this weekend.

I like having Superhost status for a) ease of access in contacting them b) I use the voucher for a weekend break to explore a new area locally and c) the boost I get in the listings making it more likely that I get booked.

I guess what I am saying is recognise it’s a marketing initiative and don’t sweat the small stuff :slight_smile:


Americans seem to have recently taken up regularly using the word “congrats” for “congratulations”. I am not sure why just now because it has been in common use in Australia like that for decades. Then again we shorten words whenev poss. Probably some celebrity used it on Twitter while congratulating another celebrity for wearing a dress or something.


We have just regained our superhost status (we lost it for a year after I misunderstood the consequences of cancelling an “instant booking” we couldn’t accommodate).

We also are a bit underwhelmed with the supposed “benefits” of being a superhost. We have tracked our bookings for 4 years now, and we saw no upturn in bookings when we got it the first time, and no downturn in bookings when we lost it - our bookings have been increasing steadily over the last 4 years - gaining/losing superhost status seemed to make no difference at all.

Of course, this may not be the case in more competitive markets than ours. But I do remember reading (on here?) that others had found the same thing - i.e. superhost status does little to boost your bookings. This reassured me when we lost it a year ago.

So my advice is that you should be happy to have achieved superhost status, but don’t fret if you subsequently lose it. It isn’t that big a deal.


Newbies to Australia struggle with: let’s meet at Maccas


SH 7th time in a row, 100 percent ego here. Nothing to do with business. Just a challenge offered and met.


Yesterday morning I received an email from AirBnb saying I’m a x6 Superhost! Yay!

Then, under “Extra Perks,” the email provided a hyperlink to a web page with a $100 travel coupon, explaining, “Your travel coupon must be used for a single reservation and expires on Jun [sic] 30, 2019.” Yay!

Then, when I tried to use the coupon, I got a pop-up informing me that the coupon was in fact invalid and expired! Boo!

I called Airbnb and was informed that a) I already used my once-every-12-months Superhost travel coupon late last year, b) similar incorrect emails have just gone out to many Superhosts, c) their IT team is working on correcting the glitch, and d) they apologize for their misleading email. Boo!

When I complained that the email wasn’t “misleading” but was in fact COMPLETELY INCORRECT, the rep spoke to her supervisor and gave me a new code for a new once-every-12-months $100 travel coupon, even though it’s only been six months since I got the last one. Yay!


I, and several others here got two coupons/codes last year. Nice for me but their inability to track these things doesn’t inspire confidence.

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