Super Host title

Hi All… tomorrow I will be assessed for my first super host achievement (Excited)

I read last time that someone had missed his super host for one bad review.

With the stats below can you confirm that I should get the Super Host achievement pls

First figure is Super host criteria second figure is my stats,

Completed trips

10 12

Commitment rate
100% 100%

Response rate
90% 100%

5-star trips
80% 91%

Review rate
50% 100%

It looks like it but only Airbnb can tell you for sure.

But really don’t worry about it. I’ve been a superhost for a couple of years and it makes no tangible difference to how many bookings I get.

Airbnb no longer pushes hosts up the rankings and the vast majority of guests don’t even know what it is. I have only one in two years who mentioned they booked with me because I was a superhost.

Good luck anyway :slight_smile:


We havent been super hosts sincr 2010! So far so good :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Now that we have over 200 reviews I think there ks almost no way we will be able to swing the pendulum to 80%


It’s really not that exciting. I don’t want to be negative, but I agree with the others who say it makes no difference. And it’s unclear whether Airbnb gives SHs a boost in the rankings - it doesn’t look to be the case here. I was actually getting more bookings before I became a SH. I don’t get the feeling the SH thing made a significant difference one way or the other. There are other factors that are more important.


Same here. We are approaching 300 with a 4.8 Average rating.

But with a 75% 5 star rate there is no way we will ever reach the 80%.

It seems the Superhost system is created for small hosts with few reviews but with many reviews it is inevitable you will get some 4 stars.


I disagree. I’ve had many guests who told me that they only stay with Superhosts. Also on message boards that include guests; I often see the advise to only stay with Superhosts. Airbnb doesn’t put Superhosts higher in the search, but guests have the ability to filter for Superhosts.

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Actually @Chris I am maybe small but I have over 200 reviews so hardly a small number of reviews and I have SH status :blush: and have had one four star in the last year. So I think I disprove your claim.


You get assessed every 3 months, and each assessment is based on the last 12 months of data so it’s quite possible to lose status if you start consistently getting less than 80% reviews, or to gain it even if your old reviews are not so great but you improve your guest’s experience just a little bit to get over the threshold.

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We’ve been Superhosts for a year, used the $100 travel voucher towards our upcoming vacation to to Iceland/Scotland

If you can be a Superhost for an entire year, that’s your reward - a $100 travel voucher. Until then, Superhost status, plus $5, will get you a reasonable cup of coffee…


I’m another one with over 200 reviews and 97% 5*. I’m not a multi unit operation like Chris. Maybe that’s what he means by small.

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SH status has been good for me, but I am in a very competive area and the more experinced guests will indeed search by SH status. Its not the end all be all, but I would rather have it than not. In case it matters 255 reviews here with 98% 5star.

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My point was it is possible to keep Superhost status if you have many reviews, as yourself , myself and @aplumveil have proved :slight_smile:


Hi, I have over 450 reviews and been superhost for almost 2 years. What is most irritating is when you get 4 stars and you know everything was perfect for the guest. So it was time to investigate some of this guest and all i find out was like that they had nothing negative to say but they saved their 5 star to the place of their dreams, or a 5 star hotel. So it was clearly that people have a different understanding of criteria for 5 star. So I have started to send out this message after they have left:

Hi, I hope you had a good stay at our place and that you will visit us again. We enjoyed having you here and will surely leave a positive review.

A 5 star review means that you had no problem or that any minor problem were resolved.

So far only 5 star after this.


You are the the exception proves the rule.

I did a quick search we have about 144 listings with Superhosts status in 50km radius.
The one with the most reviews has 59 reviews, the lowest has 1 review (Superhosts with new listing).

The average number of reviews is 19… so I guess statistics prove my point.

I don’t think I’m the exception @Chris …much as I would like to think of myself as exceptional :blush: @jayjay @aplumveil @KKC have also mentioned they have lots of reviews and Superhost status.

Maybe can help us out with some statistics to prove my point.

There are always exceptions, and 3 or 4 forum members do not prove that being a superhost with over 200 reviews is “normal”. It is much easier if you target a very specific audience, you can tailor your place specifically to their needs.

But as soon as you starting to get a very mixed type of guests with very mixed travel goals it is very hard to please them all. I did another check in a 100km radius. There are a handful super hosts with over 100 reviews, remarkably they are all in the big city or at a very specific location (Kings Lake / Eagles Nest).

I agree with your point about marketing. I target a specific type of guests who I know will be happy with the type of accommodation I offer and the area I live in. - Business travellers, weekend breakers, parents of students, student travellers who like my quirky accommodation, multicultural area and personal hosting style.

I think it’s much harder to retain Superhost status when you take all comers, rather than filter your guests to make sure there is a good fit.

It was you that said the superhost system was designed for ‘small hosts with few reviews’ as an absolute. The experience of some of the regulars on here, show that’s not the case.

No-one here has said that its ‘normal’ to be a superhost with lots of reviews just that it happens. Where I live there are many superhosts with 100+ reviews. In your area maybe not. Does it really matter :slight_smile:

I’m just interested in how I run my business. Having happy guests and enjoying what I do.

As I think both you and Chris have seen my post, I think it has to do with the difference between travelers and tourists. I have instant book and other than blocking a few dates after getting an inquiry (instead of them instant booking) and I see they are going to be needy, I don’t turn anyone away. I have 247 reviews at 98% 5 star and a 77% review rate. When I consider that’s being dragged down by the 1* I was given my mistake, that’s pretty stellar. (see what I did there?)

But it’s not normal, or easy. I get some credit but I’m not Wonder Woman. (unless you are talking about how many people wonder if I’m a woman…lol. I crack myself up)

The other thing I think matters is that I had the means and the interest in keeping everything like new in the room. So whereas someone else has an older place with character and 4 stars for cleanliness, mine is basically all new. And it’s not only clean but well maintained.


Sounds like you really are a soooouper host @KKC :slight_smile:
Well done.

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I know that anecdotes aren’t proof of anything, but I am a Superhost with 314 reviews. We are on Instant Book so we take anyone who books with us. We have guests with different travel goals (Students, tourists, business travelers, locals who are between housing, you name it.).

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