Super helpful host ... But that's about it

I am staying in separate appartment in Nairobi and my host is the friendliest and the most helpful host ever. I seriously never has anyone like this with 100s of Airbnb I stayed in. She took me to supermarket in her car because my charger broke and I wanted some items for breakfast.
But… When I am shopping g she asks me if I have soap… Toilet paper and … towel???
I look at her and ask : you don’t really expect me to buy towel and toilet paper for one night stay?
She started laughing as Kenyan do when there is a problem and says: it’s ok I will find you towel. She ended up giving me a towel that was laying on a back seat of her car of questionable freshness. I will just air-dry myself to be in a safe side.
Appartment was moderately nice with good WiFi and TV. But… It was a totally different appartment. I wouldn’t mind If it was upgrade but it was a significant downgrade . She showed me the appartment I booked but not prepared yet and it was just like on a picture on opposite side of building and much quieter and much newer. Everything in appartment I booked was nicer.
I stayed as it was late and I was tired. When I went to bathroom there was poop in there not flushed. Bathroom.was dirty. The worst was bed.
There were no sheets there and pillow cases. And blanket was so filthy with blood stains on it.
Here I was getting pissed. I could have booked something much cheaper but I wanted something not far from American Embassy where I was getting my new passport. I honestly paid 40% more for the area only because I was dead tired.
I was still polite and she came and changes the bedding and appologized but at this point I didn’t care about her appologees. She didn’t know that the bed is not made or she expected me to bring my own sheets too?

Then .the night came. And since midnight I had no sleep. Apparently there is a night club nearbuy and since midnight till 4 am.the music was blasting. She couldn’t have possibly not know that. She lives in a same building but the other quiete side which I booked . Then at 4 am music stopped and I fell asleep only to wake up couple hours later to the sound of massive construction. They are building another appartment complex right under bedroom window.
Now… I hate to leave bad review for someone as nice as her but in my mind she deserves max 2*.

What do?

Yana, you know exactly what to do! What would you say to fellow hosts in your position?

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You have been baited and switched and she needs to be called out on it. Would you want someone else to go through what you have?
Be nice does not excuse not getting what you paid for.
Me - I would be demanding a refund …


I was thinking about it but then I stayed anyway . Also I was not going to make disgusting pictures of toilet . Do you think it would help if I send her private message only. I hate doing to fellow host but I’d it was one thing it would be ok but so many including sleepless night . Now it’s morning and I can’t even talk in a phone inside appartment as it’s so loud outside .

Nope, sorry… this is a classic location one star!
How many times has she done it?
A bad host needs to be exposed… do you think you are the first? Dirty? Bloody stains?
We want hosts we can have confidence in.
This is a bad host!


It’s up to the host to check the bed is clean and provide basics before all else. The nightclub and construction noise should be disclosed. Dishonest to switch you. Bad host. Be honest.

True… Now I went for take a shower and the handle wouldn’t turn.:grinning:I texted her and she responds immediately that caretaker is coming. I have a train to catch and leave in 40 minutes. I already waiting for caretaker for half an hour . I am.boiling water at this point. Not a big deal but considering the price…

It’s no good being a responsive host if things keep on being wrong! My guests hardly ever have to contact me because I check everything works BEFORE they arrive when I CLEAN. Bad host.


Ask for your money back :relaxed: and/or totally kill her in the review.