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Airbnb is now a mega business, like google and Amazon (try getting a person to talk to at Google!–They are on the side of the customer now and to hell with the hosts for the most part. It’s too bad this has happened, but it is now that way.


Yes, one cancellation can banish one as a superhost. I know from personal experience.


I, too, lost my SH status due to a mistake I made—cancellation to a quick double booking across 2 platforms. Hard lesson and hurt my feelings, but my business hasn’t suffered. Shake it off and carry on! Time will heal your wounds.


I’ve not cancelled on a guest without an extenuating circumstance, nor lost my SH status “yet”. Was simply pointing out to KenH that that’s the way it works. Cancel a guest, lose SH status for a year. But thanks for the pep talk. :grinning:


No way should a host have insta-book on 2 platforms! That’s just asking for trouble. I’m a nervous wreck with insta-book on only 1 of the 2 platforms I use. I rush rush rush to the other platform, feverish to block the dates. Slow-internet would be my demise.


That is the reason they invented channelmanagement software, it handles the availability for you.
The best channelmanagers are even able to push blocked dates to AirBnB calenders by using their API, so no delay.

Your piece of mind should be worth a bit of money I think?


@Blanco I’m sorry you missed submitting extenuating circumstances documentation for repairs. Maybe it isn’t too late.

I’ve cancelled guests 2x due to AC failure and Water heater failure (had to cut off H2O to condo). Both times Airbnb re-homed my guests and with submission of documentation I kept my SH status.


I hear you. I called my son for 20 mins from Nepal (to Australia) as I was in the hospital. He wasnt particularly sympathetic, cost me ) $450! Ambulance $8. How phone calls can still be so expensive in some parts beggars belief.


Who is google’s customer? The searcher? They are not on our side at all, they have sold out entirely to the advertisers to pay for their lavish and shallow techie lifestyles


I meant Airbnb is now on the side of the customer, not the host. I just meant that trying to get a hold of Google to get any help as a business is next to impossible as well.


I use two platforms. My calendars are synced on both sites. Never had a problem with instant book. My bookings on airbnb so out number the another one though (Trip Advisor) that I think I’m going to stop that one. Well…I’m always booked so there is nothing available. I’m right outside Yellowstone Park so summer is busy.

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