Super Bowl- When do I lower my price?

Hey there,

I’m in Minni. Have been a superhost for a long time and just found this forum. HAHA! I also co-host some places which is fun. The Superbowl is coming next week and all the places I co-host have booked out EXCEPT my own place, which is where I make the most moola of course.

Curious for thoughts on when to lower my price. I’d always rather be booked than not for the event while I also don’t want to lower it and miss out on the opportunity for cash I could get.

Are there other hosts who’ve had a huge event in their area and can tell me when it’s time to lower your price? Or will my place be in high demand at the end when people are trying to book last minute and can’t find anything?

I’m curious your thoughts…

Whoops… didn’t read your abbreviation correctly. Boy do I hate it when people don’t spell out city names.

Well It’s superbowl…happening in Minneapolis this year. I thought that would work! Tip noted and I’ll adjust for next time. :slight_smile:

My problem, not yours. I read fast. I am drinking a hot toddy trying to keep my flu symptoms to a minimum.

I have no idea when to lower, but, I would start considering it pretty soon if you care to be booked.

Are you a football fan at all? And if so, a Pats fan?

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Who me? or @lisavanahn?

You. Sorry. …

I convinced a friend to go on ABB with his guesthouse a week before it came to my city. It was booked the Wednesday before the game. Don’t lose hope! Is your place convenient to the stadium or the parties?


It is a complicated relationship, but the overwhelming answer is no. As a child, we were never allowed to watch a TV, but my mother had one in her room so she could watch the Sox, Patriots, and the Olympics. We were warned constantly that Boston teams would break your heart EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR and our lives would be best served by ignoring all Boston professional sports teams. I learned this lesson well.

I didn’t teach this lesson well to the man with whom I share my life or my kid. They both follow both teams religiously. I watch the scores via internet but couldn’t stand to sit still to watch a whole game. I do love going to Fenway though, and try to do that at least once a summer.

Ha, that’s a great story. I can’t stand the Pats so I look forward to the day when they go back to breaking your loved ones hearts.

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There was a time that people felt that way about the Dallas Cowboys. [While I lived in Texas actually.] Just goes in cycles.

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Yeah! I’m a 5 minute walk to the light rail that takes you directly to the stadium in like 4 stops. Also, only 3 light rail stops from the airport.

I would watch nearby hotel occupancy rates, especially the secondary market, to see if there is still some unmet energy. Given how much airlines pumped up the cost of flying to Minneapolis from New England during that weekend, lots of folks I know plan to spend the weekend in their own comfy chairs watching the games on their ridiculously large screens.


haha, the forum guidelines warned about tangents. But I think it’s fun. Most MINNEAPOLIS (all caps and full city for your @smtucker) peeps would hate me for saying I was a bit relieved when they lost because I thought my places would finally book up. And, they did. After that game both of the places I co-host got booked. But they suit larger parties and my place is only a 1-bedroom condo…still not rented. :frowning:

Yeah I’ve done that and all hotels within my radius are at capacity and booked out completely.

Is the convenient access somehow in your title?

My friend’s place is 1 bedroom no kitchen.

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It is.

1 BR Condo Near Light Rail -GREAT SUPER BOWL SPOT!

I set up the title specifically for the Super Bowl.

Another trick is to make a new listing, an exact copy of the old one, and link calenders.
It will have the new member boost, and the superhost logo.


Hmmm, that seems like a lot of work. Won’t my listing just come up ASAP because I’m a super host anyway?