Sunset clause on the Sunset Strip

I make a big deal about the magnificent sunsets we usually get from my place in the evening. I also have an Insta account “jamjerrupsunset” with photos. A few months back I got a booking request from a woman who could only afford to stay with her partner for one night but really wanted to experience the sunset. I said that unfortunately I rely on 2 night weekend bookings (as set on Air) to make money. Anyway she booked again a few months later for a Thursday and Friday night for her partner’s 40th birthday. Now it is winter here but we often get the best sunsets at this time of year but as luck would have it they had two days of rainy and totally cloudy weather. No sun let alone a sunset. She still gave me a 5 star review. The sunsets before were awesome as were the ones just after.

I feel really bad. The couple staying this weekend had their camera pods ready on the clifftop opposite ready for a glorious sunset which delivered as promised,

I offered her a half price on a Friday or Saturday if the other day was already booked.

Do other people care this much about guests when things don’t go as planned? Just asking. How would you offer a discount if they wanted to come back?


I should add that’s the best sunset photo ever I took coming home from work and pulled into the drive and it was just there and I had my iPhone ready take this photo.


We don’t have guests coming to see something as fickle as sunsets; but we do have them come to kayak with the manatee which come up river in the winter.

I think it’s nice that you would offer some ‘compensation’ but don’t rally think it’s necessary. If I were you, I’d have a clause somewhere that said in effect “Although we have a beautiful view for the frequently fabulous sunsets here, unfortunately we don’t have the weather under contract, and cannot promise anything.” Sincerely,

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As you know I don’t have the kind of rental you do but if guests involve me in their plans while here then, yes, I end up caring. I had a guest who flew in and was heading out to Big Bend National Park the next day to surprise propose to his gf. She was there on a trip with her friend who was in on the whole plan. This is all 4-6 hours from me so there was no role for me to play but I wanted to. LOL.

So back to your question, I would absolutely not have a sunset clause. I would absolutely make the offer to favored guests who I’d like to see return and who are worthy of the offer. Even if they never take you up on it or you don’t have the opportunity to offer it in a timely fashion just writing the guest in question and making the offer would be a nice gesture.

That is a gorgeous photo.

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Stunning photo!!


I certainly appreciate your sentiment. If I was a guest at your place I’d really appreciate it too, and leave you a rave review. Of course you’ll know when you are giving out too many free nights. But this kind of generosity is one that is worthy of spreading. And also, awesome pic!

I once journeyed from London to Titusville with friends from Gainesville to see a space shuttle take off and as the countdown got closer to blast off the cloud came over and it was called off with 30 seconds to go. No compensation for that or chance to see it again.

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