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Suite or Apartment? You all decide!

To be a kitchen would it need an actual stove and oven? I have cabinets, counter top, sink, microwave, refrigerator, hot plate, all utensils, plates, pans, etc.

Just curious. If I were renting somewhere that had a ‘kitchen’ I would expect more than a hot plate, but if I knew that this is what I was getting, it would totally suffice for my needs. Oh yes, and do note the presence of a water kettle… :laughing:



This looks great DC… and is certainly sufficient for most guests. I would call it a kitchette though unless it had a full size range and fridge.

I have both and down play the kitchen in my apartment. I don’t advertise it or show pics. . I really don’t want to attract cooking. So guests are always surprised when they see it.


Last night I was showing around a group of two lovely couples. We walked into the kitchen and I said “will you be doing any cooking?” and the wife said “NO” and the husband said “Yes!”. 20 minutes later…“where is the super market?”.

But yes, they are often surprised by so many things. It’s hard to remember listings after the booking is done - and who knows how many they looked at when trying to decide!!!

I do want to under-promise and over-deliver as you said. But I also want to be competitive with listings popping up like fruit flies!!!

And yep, it is listed as kitchenette - thanks.

When my above garage efficiency gets ready I am going to list as entire apartment. It will have it’s own private entrance and deck, but it will not be full kitchen. It has full size fridge/freezer and microwave. I will add a toaster oven and maybe hot plate. But dishes and cutlery are going to be very minimal as the only place to wash them will be the tiny sink behind the wet bar. I am only interested in attracting those who are interested in minimal cooking.

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I would add at least a microwave, or a combination oven but this is usually quite expensive, especially for the little use it will get.

One tiny condo I lived in had no oven, I bought a good size convection type toaster oven. It wasn’t expensive and could cook a whole chicken.

Many things that one cooks on a stovetop could be done in a microwave.

Yep - it has a microwave and full size fridge; they aren’t in the photo.

Language is so slippery sometimes eh?! I’m European and I understand ‘suite’ to be more than just a bedroom and bathroom - maybe a bedroom plus sitting area/ lounge , or dining space, and a kitchenette, or whatever. I think an ‘apartment’ does suggest a place with its own address - so yeah, I think you have this described well - a private suite within your home (or maybe a flatlet?!)
Looks great :slight_smile:

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In the Boston area, these types of spaces are listed as Mother-in-Law suites, but that implies that they can’t be rented as separate units, so not a great description here.

  1. Plz buy a small convection oven so that all options are avail and also an electric skillet.
  2. Be sure you describe the offering as a “kitchenette”. No tricks.
  3. Be clear to all inquiries, and firm booking requests, that the entrance is shared…through your door and hallway, and then totally private space. They need to know that owners are within spitting distance. You will want to have a cut and paste answer that is 2x clear about what you offer, and then make sure they read it once more and acknowledge that this is a-ok and suitable. This is what I do, as we have a whole house but we live in the apartment. Communicate / Communicate / Communicate !!!

Oh, electric skillet, very good idea. With that and a microwave and convection oven, it’s almost a full kitchen.

Posh hotels have suites, yes, even in Europe.

Yes, suits are slightly larger, more expensive hotelrooms.
Aks any person on the street what a suite is, they will say an expensive hotelroom.

And if thre are cooking facilities in it, the hotel will sell it as an apartment, asking even more money.

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So why say we don’t know what they are in Europe ?

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